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Activity. Install Varco TDS11S Top Drive on ODE Rig 16. • Mast. Ideco Full View – 136ft clear height. • Crew. Normal rig crew plus 4 Indonesian Varco rig-up …
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Microsoft PowerPoint – 10 01 08 Pritchard Capital 2010 – Scorpion …

Mud Pit Capacity. 3750 bbls. 1471 bbls. 1450 bbls. Topdrive. Varco TDS 8A. Varco TDS 4H. Varco TDS 3. Installed Horsepower. 10750 hp …
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Microsoft PowerPoint – DEA_159_Update_051130

Varco Pipe. Handling. Control. National Top. Drive Control. The Athens Group has experience in developing and implementing SECS/GEM …
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Microsoft PowerPoint – Pareto Offshore Conference 6Sep06

6 Sep 2006 … â–ªTop drive: One Varco TDS “4†30000 ft/lbs torque. Noble Therald Martin. (similar design as Viking Producer) …
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Microsoft PowerPoint – Pareto High Yield Conference London 8 Feb 07

8 Feb 2007 … Top drive (NOV). NOV – National Oilwell Varco. 20. Draw-works at NOV. Mud pumps at Wirth. All used equipment will be reconditioned …
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PowerPoint Presentation

14 Dec 2005 … Shows Varco’s. Top Drive. Systems. Additional, the traditional rotary table is widely used. Source: Kenneth Larsen, Statoil …
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Microsoft PowerPoint – THUNDER INDUSTRIES RIGS_editting for …

Mud Pumps: 2- GD PZ 10 1350 hp, 4- GE 752 1000 hp electric drive motors, 2- STD pump buildings … Top Drive: varco TDS- 11 AC drive … RIG/REF1905N_SCR LAND DRILLING RIG.pdf
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Microsoft PowerPoint – Vefring IRIS Drilling in the High North Final

from National Oilwell Varco (NOV) which controls actively the draw-work, top-drive and mud pumps to account for the dynamic behavior of the well during …–norway_apt_workshop_tromso/1-08_vefring_iris_-_drilling_.pdf
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – HAND & FINGER INJURY PREVENTION.ppt [Compati

behind the top drive track, as the spinner swung out his hand got caught between the top tong handle …. Varco ST-80’s. Helmerich & Payne Inc. …
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Microsoft PowerPoint – 2995_OverDrive_Shell_Malaysia_AG041607

Nosong field, Sabah Water, Malaysia. Well Type. Exploration. Rig. Atwood Falcon semisubmersible. Top Drive. Varco TDS-4H with PH-60. Hole Size and Angle …
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – Pozo exploratorio El Arenal IAPG -Nov06

Presentación IAPG – SC – Pagina 6. El Arenal – El equipo H&P 175. Varco TDS-4S. Top Drive. Hydril. Well Control. Equipment. + (5″1/2 DP 21.9#). Drill string … NqN/PozoexploratorioElArenalIAPG-Nov06.pdf
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – SDO Company Pres Dec 08v2.

Capital equipment vendors include National Oilwell Varco, Rolls Royce, Siemens, …. Top Drive Stons. Ac electric driven top drive, two motors, … Company Pres Dec 08.pdf
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – ED168 brochure rev1b

Top drive. NOV Hydro pneumatic passive, in-line mounted. 600 … One power slip Varco PS 30. • One bridge crane above racking board … brochure rev1b.pdf
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – TDB7000 brochure rev0

Top drive. NOV Hydro pneumatic passive, in-line mounted. 600 … One power slip Varco PS 30. • One bridge crane above racking board … brochure rev0.pdf
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Microsoft PowerPoint – AETI overviiew.ppt [Compatibility Mode]

11 Aug 2009 … which was acquired by National Oilwell Varco, and 10 years as vice …. Marine propulsion. – Drilling system (mud-pump and top drive) …
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – PEFF Presentation 0709 – Company Overview

Drive. Premium. Efficiency Motor. Soft Start. COMPETITION … Former CEO and Chief Engineer for Varco International (now National Oilwell Varco: NYSE Company – NOV), …. become one of the top concerns for purchasers of electric … Presentation 0709 – Company Overview.pdf
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – PEFF Presentation 0109 (3)

become one of the top concerns for purchasers of electric …. Start with sales to end users to prove technology, drive market …. Former CEO and Chief Engineer for Varco International (now National Oilwell Varco: NYSE Company – NOV), … Presentation 0109 (4).pdf
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – EquiSar Presentation – Institutional and Con

National Oilwell Varco, Petrobras,. FMC Technologies. The De-bottlenecking of Brazilian Infrastructure …. Top-down and Bottom-up influences on Stock Selection, … An external shock undermines the thematic driver behind the stock …
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – Presentasjon4.kvartal2006-21.02.07

Top Drive: Maritime Hydraulics DDM-1000-AC-2M 1150 hp x 2 AC motors. Derrick (ft): …. Drilling package manufacturer: National Oilwell Varco …
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – dec_2008.pptx

drive premium pricing. Est. Rank. Share. Est. Rank …. Varco Pruden. 19%. Developers. Custom fabrication customers. End Users. Commercial and Industrial buildings … Top 7 Steel Vendors. 56%. All Other Steel Suppliers …
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Frank Springett is finalizing the PowerPoint presentation. It will follow the outline of the paper: (1) a historical look at the success of the Top Drive, … January 2010 ART Future Technology Subcmte. Mtg. Approved Minutes.pdf
# pdf


6 Jan 2010 … David Reid, National Oilwell Varco … The status of the IADC Top Drive Reliability survey was discussed. The survey is up and running. … January 2010 ART Reliability & Guidelines Subcmte. Mtg. Approved Minutes.pdf
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – Millennium Bank – Houston, TX

… million+ bank and was rated among top community banks by the ABA Banking …. Varco, Inc. Lee’s. Sandwiches … 20 Minute Drive Time. Subject. Property …
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – North Industrial Submarket Report_November 2007

National Oilwell Varco. Glazier Foods Company. Agility Logistics. Baker Hughes …. The scope and quality of IAH facilities make it one of the top U.S. airports for …. Houston’s North Corridor – whose major economic driver is the …
# pdf

OEC’s successful Salute to Interns will become annual event

Don McMillan and his amusing PowerPoint presentation. …. Drilling Technology: Top Drive Drilling Systems honorees were, from left, Robert Long, … and Pete Miller, National Oilwell Varco. With the Pioneering Technology award for …
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Ocean Star Gala set for October 10 Next Executive Speaker slated …

Longest Drive sponsored by Stallion Oilfield Services … Tab Tettleton and Mike Aaser, National Oilwell Varco, …. presentation and workshop, OEC was able to attach a PowerPoint presentation on the MATS website illustrating …
# pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint – NLF Weekly Report 02.15.10

National Oilwell Varco, Incorporated (NOV) Approved for bench. 8. Tidewater Inc. (TDW). Approved for bench. Focus List: Status: 1. Chevron Corp. (CVX) …

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