journals of customer satisfaction


Fang – Related articles
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by T Building – Related articles
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E-marketing research seminar

structure the field of E-marketing : CRM, electronic commerce and interactive …. Management Applications Affect Customer Satisfaction?,” Journal of … marketing_syllabus_volle.pdf
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Investigating the Formation of Trust in E-Commerce Relationships

In summary, customer trust in an e-commerce company is: … 1983; Parasuraman et al., 1985), will determine customer satisfaction and will be reflected in the customer’s …. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 42 (August), 595-604. …
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by K LEE – 2007 – Cited by 1
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E-Satisfaction – A Comprehensive Framework Akshay Anand* Abstract …

by A Anand – 2007 – Related articles
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E-Satisfaction and E-Loyalty: A Contingency Framework

by RE Anderson – 2003 – Cited by 264 and eloyalty.pdf
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Multi-channel retailing and customer satisfaction:

International Journal of E-Business Research, 3(2), 7- , April-June 2007 7 …. issue of customer satisfaction. What happens in the “e†channel, what happens in …… concern international service management, e-commerce and customer …
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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

rals, customer satisfaction, customer switching be- havior, customer switching costs, and key account management;. • e-commerce, e-retailing, e-service …
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Comparison of Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of E-commerce …

by O Husain30 Aug 2009 … [14] M. Fasanghari and F. Roudsari, “The Fuzzy Evaluation of E-Commerce. Customer Satisfaction,” World Applied Sciences Journal, vol. 4, pp. …
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PII: S0022-4359(01)00065-3

by SS Srinivasana – 2002 – Cited by 385, Customer loyalty in e-commerce.pdf
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e-Commerce 2006

by B Behkamal – Cited by 1
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Information & CRM in E-Commerce 1 IMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION FLOW …

by VP Jain – Cited by 1
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by B Smith – Cited by 2 Journal/Customer-Satisfaction-Is-the-Wrong-Measure.pdf
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Ege Akademik Bakış / Ege Academic Review

determine the drivers of e-customer satisfaction and measure e-customer …… Gefen, D. (2002) Customer Loyalty in e-Commerce, Journal of the Association …
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Impact of Electronic Service Quality Dimensions on Online …

Customer Loyalty in e-Commerce: An. Exploration of its Antecedents and … Hise, R., 2000. e-Satisfaction: An Initial Examination. Journal of Retailing 76 … Bressolles_1a.pdf
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Business School Faculty in the News – February 2003

The Business Journal, (Milwaukee) February 18, 2003. Claes Fornell/American Customer Satisfaction Index, “E-Commerce Stands Strong,†CRM,. February 18, 2003 …
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The Relationship of E-Commerce Competence to Customer Value and …

by KA SAEED – 2005 – Cited by 27å· 22 刊號 1 – Summer2005/The Relationship of E-Commerce Competence to Customer Value and Firm Performance An Empirical Investigation,JMIS,2005.pdf
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e-banking services to improve the satisfaction of their customers. …. internet banking usage has become one of the most important e-commerce environment …… The Voice of the Customer in E-banking Relationships. Journal of Customer …
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1 BBS Doctoral Symposium 23 & 24 March 2009 – Tameem Albassam …

24 Mar 2009 … Key words: Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, …. between service quality and customer satisfaction: a factor specific approachâ€, Journal of … Swaid, S.I, Wigand, R.T. (2007), “Key dimensions of e-commerce … documents/PHD Doctoral Symposium 09/TameemAlbassam0530713.pdf
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Customer Satisfaction in Electronic Commerce – A Survey Concerning …

most important antecedent of customer satisfaction in eCommerce. …… satisfaction and store loyality, in: European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 32 (1997), …
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International Journal of Electronic. Commerce, Vol. 5, No. 4:117-133. [56] Lin, C.C. (2003). A critical appraisal of customer satisfaction and e-commerce. …
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ISPs’ Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Southern …

by UC Eze – Related articles
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Effects of E-Commerce on Export Marketing Strategy and Performance …

firms have implemented E-commerce because of a concern over customer …. differentiation and greater potential for customer satisfaction and loyalty through ….. E-commerce, productivity, and fluctuation. Journal of Economic Behavior …
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MASTER’S THESIS Customer Satisfaction

3, pp. 217-231. Lin Chia Chi, 2003, ‘A critical appraisal of customer satisfaction and e- commerce’, Managerial Auditing Journal,; Vol. 18/3 pages 202-212. …

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