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The use of the Kubotan (and similar weapons like its predecessors the yawara stick and the Koppo stick) makes it a particularly interesting weapon because … http://lashorei.org/links_articles/self/sdpock.pdf
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The actual history of the short stick, or pocket stick, is long, and includes such manifestations as the yawara, the kubotan, the koppo … http://www.alphainnovationsselfdefense.com/pdf/Alpha Hornet by Jerry D. Amstutz.pdf
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Japanese to English A-K

Hanbojutsu – Stick fighting. Happa Ken – One handed strike. Hasso – Attack … Koppo Ken – Thumb knuckle strike. Koppojutsu – Bone Smashing Techniques … http://www.btsduk.homecall.co.uk/Japanese words.pdf
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History of Ninjutsu

kanji of koppo (kotsu) means bone, but can have the deeper meaning of “knack”. … Bojutsu – long and short stick fighting. Shurikenjutsu – throwing weapons … http://www.btsduk.homecall.co.uk/Introduction.pdf
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A – Offhand Championship B – FLINTLOCK CHAMPIONSHIP

Bill Koppos. 256.02. Jim Jaskoviak. 253.02. S d M Willi … F- CROSS STICK CHAMPIONSHIP. F-20. Jack Patterson. 49.02. Bruce Potter. 48. Robert Dienst … http://osmlc.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/2009nyterritorialresults.pdf
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A – Offhand Championship B – FLINTLOCK CHAMPIONSHIP

Bill Koppos. 166.02. Francis Richards. 150.00. Buz Cate … F- CROSS STICK CHAMPIONSHIP. F-20. Lloyd Church. 50.04. Bruce Potter. 49.01. F-21. Bruce Potter … http://osmlc.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/2008nyterritorialresults.pdf
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gloss.chp:Corel VENTURA

stick art judo [%#] way of flexibility; modern martial art … koppo [gh] unarmed grappling koryu [?v] classical or old tradition … http://www.koryu.com/library/kb1glossary.pdf
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Group Fitness Goss

Spray a non-stick wok or frypan with oil and heat. … Koppo has been preparing to compete in The Australian Ironman Triathlon which is … http://www.gfitness.com.au/070201 FebMar Newsletter.pdf
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DAKENTAI JUTSU The body as a weapon. It is a group of technical of …

obstinacies and crashes, while but skillful is the enemy, but we stick to the … KOPPO JUTSU: Technical of blows and kicks with the hard areas of the body. … http://www.bugeikanninjutsu.com/english/pdf/dakentai.pdf
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3. Historical Perspectives – Lecture by top instructor(s …

Taijutsu – SRN Fire -Bone attacks (Koppo-jutsu), Muscle attacks (Koshi-jutsu), nerve … Fighting – A) 3-5 man defense using your Knife B) Throw and stick … http://www.acdainc.org/files/Revised_Belt_Requirements_White_to_Black.pdf
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Full Circle Martial Arts Academies International

arts covering stick and blade techniques as well as other more exotic weaponry. … Jutsu, Koppo Jutsu, and Daken Taijutsu etc). … http://www.horindojo.co.uk/Articles/Full Circle Martial Arts starter doc.pdf
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Traditionally, American martial artists have concentrated on …

koppo jutsu (“bone breaking”) techniques, popularized through nlnjutsu, whereby one …. a hornet’s nest with a stick and striking the … http://www.aikia.net/media/articles/embty_hand_boxing.pdf
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2008 Territorial and Top Gun Report

Bill Koppos. NY. 260-1X. James Jaskoviak. NE. 259. Frank Burke … AGGREGATE F – CROSS STICK. Dave Vanderbos. M O. 190-2X. Mel Hartranft. PA. 189-5X … http://www.nmlra.org/pdfs/web_TerritorialResults08.pdf
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Big Stick 60 with a Super Tiger. 90 that has a special carburetor. … Head Flight Instr. -Keith Koppos. 579-0769. Newsletter Ed. –Jim Buschur. 730-5614 … http://myrcclub.com/sdfrc/old/images/newsletters/Newsletter2005-09.pdf
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Hanbo training stick (3 feet long and ž to 1 inch in diameter). ….. Koppo ken: Same as fudo ken, but strike with the knuckle of the thumb. … http://www.bujinkanusa.com/docs/handbook.pdf
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Kanotix Benutzerhandbuch

31. Dez. 2005 … Auf Datenträger wie Festplatten, USB-Stick, Disketten …. Vor der Installation sollten außerdem alle USB-Sticks, Kameras etc. entfernt wer- … http://linux.kopporama.de/downloads/Kanotix_ManD.pdf
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Prior to the advent of Kubotans and Koppo sticks in the West, and before pepperspray and stun guns, the knuckle duster was the pocket-carried … http://www.edcmagazine.com/index_files/issues/issue1.pdf
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This is somewhat arbitrary, so that some authors prefer to stick to the overall …… Koppo K, Bouckaert J. In humans the oxygen uptake slow component is … http://jap.physiology.org/cgi/reprint/00063.2009v1.pdf
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Pietro Enrico di Prampero, Desy Salvadego, Simonetta Fusi and …

This is somewhat arbitrary, so that some authors prefer to stick …… Koppo K, Bouckaert J. In humans the oxygen uptake slow component is … http://jap.physiology.org/cgi/reprint/107/4/1068.pdf
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Welcome to the Xmas Edition Newsletter

31â€41k – feeling good and could not hide from the glowâ€stick Nazi who chases after me and I get a nice red one. I manage to pass the oldest … http://res.au.eventdirector.net/BALAN/SITES/1302/ZUSER/AK Files Newsletter 6 Xmas Edition.pdf
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Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

Advanced Stick Fighting. (Gebundene Ausgabe). ISBN: 4770029969. Verlag: Kodansha …. Bujinkan Koppo Jutsu. Quest. 50min. NTSC ohne Ländercode. Japanisch / … http://www.bujinkan-deutschland.de/bujinkan-literatur-medien.pdf
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toggling the L Analog stick Up and Down, you are able to divide the …… 08 – Koppo. 09 – Ko-budo (Old Budo). 10 – Boxing. 11 – Mix Style … http://caws.ws/firepro/files/fpr_complete_guide.pdf
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Bojutsu – 6 foot staff bojutsu jojutsu hanbojutsu – the art of …

Jodo – The way of the short stick. Jojutsu – 4 foot staff … Karate Koppo Taijutsu – Open handed striking combat. Kenjutsu – sword … http://www.bujinkan-ninjutsu.ca/files/Jutsu.pdf
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The Martialist

are improvised or otherwise “politically correct†in nature. A koppo-wrapped. Minimag flashlight makes a great pocket stick and is generally legal. Tactical … http://www.themartialist.com/pecom/incontext.pdf
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The Autobiography of Takamatsu Toshitsugu

Karate jutsu-koppo jutsu-ju tai jutsu. 3.So jutsu-Naginata jutsu …. There are schools of the short stick (jojutsu) but they do not … of Takamatsu Toshitsugu.pdf
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A flash of Life

so because the shape of the stick reminded them of the stick a bishop carries called a. ‘crosier’. …. jutsu, Daken-jutsu, Koppo- jutsu and Kosshi-jutsu) … http://www.thefreshmagazine.com/uploads/file/TheFreshMagazineVolume3Issue9.pdf

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