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JIS O-Ring. Sizes. SIZE. C.S. x I.D. (MM). SIZE. C.S. x I.D. (MM) SIZE. C.S. x I.D. (MM). SIZE. C.S. x I.D. (MM). SIZE. C.S. x I.D. (MM) SIZE … http://www.lutzsales.com/JIS_o-ring_sizes.pdf
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44.7 x 51.7 x 3.5. P-46. 45.7 x 52.7 x 3.5. P-48. 47.7 x 54.7 x 3.5. O-RING P STANDARD (JIS-B2401) …. 104.4 x 110.6 x 3.1. O-RING G STANDARD (JIS-B2401) … http://vr.ttnet.net/tanyo/oring-1.pdf
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JIS B 2401 O-Ring Size Reference

official title is O-Rings. JiS B 2401 is unique in that it specifies standard o-ring dimensions and standard materials. The table at the right indicates JiS … http://www.simritna.com/news/brochures/Simrit O-RingSizes_JIS.pdf
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JIS Oring英文

WEI FENG RUBBER CO., LTD. JIS O-RING Specification. 1. JIS. CS. JIS. CS. JIS. CS. NO. Tolerance. NO. Tolerance. NO. Tolerance … http://www.weifeng.com.tw/pdf/JIS Oring.pdf
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cJIS Oring

維è±æ©¡è† 股份有é™å…¬å¸. JIS O-RING è¦æ ¼è¡¨. 1. JIS. 線径. JIS. 線径. JIS …. JIS O-RING è¦æ ¼è¡¨. 5. JIS. 線径. 内径. 公差. JIS. 線径. 内径. 公差. JIS … http://www.weifeng.com.tw/pdf/cJIS Oring.pdf
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O-Rings and Seals

JIS B2351 O-Ring. O6. PLS Bonded Seal. O3. Pressure Gauge. Sealing Ring ….. JIS B2351 O-Ring. * NBR is the standard compound — 90-durometer Nitrile. … http://mdmetric.com/4300/O-Rings and Seals.pdf
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DRAFT 1 PIPE & PORT 4-28-06

shows appropriate JIS B2351 O-rings and dash sizes. … Forged Bodies. A576 1214/1215. Bar Stock Bodies. A108. 12L14. JIS O-Ring. JIS B0202 (BSPP) Threads … http://mdmetric.com/4300/JIS Fittings.pdf
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EO-2 Sealing Ring BSPP Bonded Seal JIS B2351 O-Ring

JIS B2351 O-Ring. * NBR is the standard compound — 90-durometer Nitrile. * NBR is the standard elastomer compound — 90-durometer Nitrile … http://www.goodyearrubberproducts.com/files/Parker/ParkerTubeCatalog4300/Parker Tube Catalog 4300examin1.Page309.pdf
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How to Order Seal-Lok, Triple-Lok, Ferulok, Intru-Lok, JIS and K4 …

JIS 30° Flare. U. Ferulok. X. Triple-Lok. Box 2 – Shape or Style. Straights … will indicate that you would like an O-ring on that corresponding end. … http://www.goodyearrubberproducts.com/files/Parker/ParkerTubeCatalog4300/Parker Tube Catalog 4300examin1.Page454.pdf
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JIS B2401 Sizes

Parker O-Ring Handbook. JIS B2401 Sizes. Table 9-7: JIS B2401 Sizes …. JIS. B2401. Thickness. Inner Diameter. W (mm) d (mm). JIS. B2401. Thickness … http://www.darcoid.com/images/uploads/pdfs/jis o-ring sizes.pdf
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One Piece Aluminum Gate Valves; JIS Flanges

Note: All dimensions in millimeters. Roughing ports and position indicator limit switches optional. Flanges available without O-rings. JIS … http://www.vacuumresearch.com/pdfs/valves/opjis.pdf
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Stainless and Aluminum Gate Valves

port flanges at all and with either O-Ring grooves machined … Large Port, Mates With JIS Flanges. • 6 Optional Roughing Port Locations … http://www.vacuumresearch.com/pdfs/valves/bonnetjis.pdf
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O-Ring Reference: JIS B 2401 Sizes

JIS B 2401 is unique in that it specifies standard O-ring dimensions and standard materials. The tables below indicate JIS B 2401 part number designations. … http://www.brammer.be/images/sce/Belgium/Catalogi/Downloads/Dichtingen/SIMRIT_O-ringen JISB2401.pdf
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A4_TABLE_JIS B 2401.qxd

JIS B 2401 Japanese Standard O-ring sizes (G = static P = dynamic V = vacuum) http://www.perlast.com. International O-ring Standard Sizes. PAGE 1. Millimeters … http://www.perlast.com/Adobe/Oring_sizes_JISB2401.pdf

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