asset maintenance management


development of an asset management strategy. Because asset management affects everything a municipality does, … greater maintenance, and monitoring performance indicators. … work of asset management to improve its effectiveness. …
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Developing a Maintenance Strategy and Setting Performance Targets

Setting up a maintenance management system which can then be measured and its cost …. Asset labelling quality, clarity and location needs improving. …. Guide to failure modes, effect and criticality analysis (FMEA and FMECA) …
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Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance

In The Benchmarking Management Guide, written by the American Pro- … Developing Maintenance and Asset Management Strategies 3 …. reduced by 1/3, then the combined savings for improving maintenance efficien- …
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work. Let us guide you out of the maze! Asset Management Scale … Asset condition audits. Condition rating systems. Performance benchmarking … provided for the City’s maintenance program, water … was retained to develop a strategy to renew the City … Asset Management Master Plan: RVA is developing an …
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National infratsructure asset management strategy a recipe for …

by N Manus – 2009The role of the National Strategy is to guide the sector in its IAM work. …. services reliability and sustainability, and in particular IAM performance, and what will be …. water services infrastructure asset management is to improve …. develop the required maintenance management capacity, and monitoring …
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by K Wall – 2008The National Infrastructure Maintenance Strategy (NIMS) was approved by Cabinet in 2006. … infrastructure performance and underpin the sustainability of services, …. asset management plans, maintenance budgets are not adequate, they lack …. tinuing to develop and improve IAM guidelines. (These emphasise that …
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Department of Local Government – Asset Management Planning for NSW …

on developing an asset management strategy, which is designed to support and ….. approach to improving asset management in NSW local government, …. Long term cash flow predictions for asset maintenance, rehabilitation and … management data to enable the measurement of asset performance over time, … Management Planning for NSW LG Position Paper.pdf
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Press release Councils need to improve their asset management

7 May 2009 … Councils need better strategies and systems for managing their assets. A report published today, Asset management in Local Government … Councils spent over £136 million on property maintenance in … is essential that councils review and improve their performance on asset management to ensure they …
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[2] Wilson, Alan. Asset Maintenance Management. A Guide to developing Strategy Improving Performance. ISBN 0-8311-3153-5. Industrial Press Inc., 2002. …
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Property Strategy for Asset Management Planning

condition surveys and maintenance. This work necessarily affects all … strategy to develop and reinvigorate the Asset Management and Capital Working Group ….. Examine the need to invest in tenanted property to improve performance; …
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MANAGING ASSET MANAGEMENT William B. Gilmore Peter Fairchild …

by WB Gilmore – All 4 versions
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NCHRP Report 551 – Performance Measures and Targets for …

cies,†produced a first-generation asset management guide that has been adopted by …… Developing performance measures for some policy objectives, programs, …… Use the measures as a means to improving system performance and service quality, …… strategies and capital versus maintenance tradeoffs (e.g., …
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Research Results Digest 266: Asset Management Guidance for …

by II Design – All 7 versions
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Maximizing return on plant assets

large asset investments. While many plants focus on asset management, … Asset monitors. Until recently, predictive maintenance strategies served only …. performance monitors to significantly improve process uptime and product …$File/TI-D-AssetManagement_White Paper.pdf
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by S Male – All 6 versions
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The Situation ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Increases Asset …

Performance Management Software. ArcelorMittal Tubular Prod- ucts at a Glance: One of the largest most … state and the benefits of improving asset performance. … and integrated approach to developing and executing on a strategy to improve equipment performance through proactive maintenance. Commenting on the …
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Enterprise Asset Management Supports “Green” Initiatives

Green, Asset, Maintenance, Environment, Energy, Sustainability, Com- … erations and performance. EAM solutions improve asset performance, … tenance and monitoring strategies to improve equipment availability and reduce maintenance …
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Competing through maintenance strategies

solutions to improve the performance of the work process. … Products Co. is reported to be developing an ERP system to analyze its … significantly reduce maintenance costs. They require asset management. … This list provides a guide to help users in selecting the best asset management program for their use. …
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Asset Integrity An industry progress report

effective asset integrity management, awareness and performance. … used one of its installations to pilot a new fabric maintenance strategy – this … Further work is currently taking place to develop a guide for key ….. the team to collectively agree action plans to improve asset integrity management at all …
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Asset Management Background.504a

areas, Planning and Maintenance. Transportation planners operate in a strategic environment. … would be carried out, demanding improved performance and greater … management principles as a guide to developing the new business processes that … different business units to improve the decision making process. …$FILE/Bckgrnd040502.pdf
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26 Nov 2008 … history and improve maintenance and service delivery performance. ….. Developing cost-effective management strategies for the long term, …
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Guide decision making concerning the levels and standards of service in the context of a … management plans and performance measurement into the Council Planning and Best Value … Improve and further develop lifecycle AM processes and practices … Improve the Council’s asset management capability by ensuring …
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by B PLANNING – All 16 versions
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NetComms Asset Management Strategy – 2008 edition – for intranet

performance improvements and capacity expansions within servers and equipment chassis; and … Progressively developing and launching converged applications … preventative maintenance strategy triggered by asset condition. … Asset Management Strategy – 2008 edition – for intranet.pdf
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Framework Model For Asset Maintenance Management

by MA Hassanain – Cited by 6
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association. the state publishes a citizens’ guide to the budget online, a budget overview to brief the press and the finance ….. improve performance. Knowledge management includes … operating and maintenance spending on an infrastructure asset. … provide strategies for developing and/or hiring individuals to …
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Engineering reuse: a framework for improving performance …

and desirable, specification management occurs explicitly. The asset dimensions can guide a firm … guide has two key phases: 0. The development of a reuse strategy, including the …. manufacturing systems, quality control and maintenance. The information systems development processes which develop the IT …
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Maintenance Key Performance Indicator O24

appraise and improve their asset maintenance efficiency and effectiveness in pursuit of better … maintenance strategy, representing a sea-change in asset care …. easily develop into the centre of attention. But it’s just a tool, albeit … asset maintenance management – then orchestrating their essential …
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Integrated Asset Management Strategy CFIA – A Case Study

Asset Management Strategy (IAMS). Purpose:  Improve CFIA’s ability to manage all …. Management Planning. Standards on Asset Performance. Monitoring …. inventory issues that are relevant (e.g.: deferred maintenance, excess capacity, etc.) • All asset portfolios must develop an individual Asset Investment …
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Strategic Asset Management Framework – Overview

The Strategic Asset Management Framework is an integrated policy strategy to improve asset … This Strategic Asset Management Framework is to be applied by general … maintenance, as well as any strategies to manage deferred maintenance. … performance, and develop rigorous maintenance plans (including plans to …

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