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teachers. Katherine Jelly. The Iron Man-a drama unit. Ted Hughes. The Iron Man. I worked on a drama unit based on The Iron Man in the Harvard-Newton … http://www.springerlink.com/index/V6514335V73V67V6.pdf
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Ted Hughes: The Development of a Children’s Poet

Hughes, Ted. (1968). The Iron Man. London: Faber and Faber. Hughes, Ted. (1970a). Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow. London: Faber and Faber. … http://www.springerlink.com/index/L23354024N330177.pdf
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KS2 Book Quiz One

Oliver Twist .…………………………………..…….. Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens. 6). The Iron Man..… … … … … … … … … … … …… Ted Hughes. Ted Hughes … http://www.nick-meredith.co.uk/PDF/KS2 Book Quiz.pdf
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Curriculum Guidelines

Iron Man by Ted Hughes] It should not be necessary to offer much in the way of contextualisation except to tell the students that they will meet a very … http://www.ncca.ie/uploadedfiles/Primary/lang.pdf
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Extract from The Iron Man by Ted Hughes (Faber and Faber pp. 11-12). The Coming of the Iron Man. The Iron Man came to the top of the cliff. … http://www.crisp.ie/slss/Guidelines for Teachers of Students with Mild General Learning Disabilities NCCA.pdf
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The Junior Certificate – English (File Format PDF 80KB)

CENTRAL TEXT: The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. AESTHETIC AND. IMAGINATIVE CONTEXTS. POSSIBLE LANGUAGE. ASSIGNMENTS. SUPPLEMENTARY. MATERIALS … http://www.crisp.ie/slss/Junior Certificate English – Syllabus.pdf
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Interpretive Comprehension – Connecting ideas: Overview

This story is called ‘The Iron Man’ and is written by Ted Hughes. …. The following is a breakdown of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Chapter title … http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/7-12assessments/naplan/teachstrategies/yr2008/literacy/reading/LR_CoId/Lr_Cold.pdf
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The opening chapter of the original book-THE IRON MAN. By Ted Hughes © 1968 … into space, and the Iron Man stepped forward, off the cliff, … http://www.thewho.net/ptlinernotes/THECOMINGIRONMAN.pdf
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Design & Technology in Wirral Primary Schools

Unit: ‘The Iron Man’. Ted Hughes story of ‘The Iron Man’ and an investigation into permanent and temporary fastenings provided the inspiration for the … http://www.wirral-mbc.gov.uk/DT/best practice primary/bestprac.pdf
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The Birkenhead Dock system

by E BridgeKey words for 3D and Iron Man – Ted Hughes. 1. Select key ideas from Iron Man to construct an Iron Man out of chicken wire, … http://www.wirral-mbc.gov.uk/art/insideoutside/project3.pdf
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Powerpoint V3

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. You may wish to consider making your own talking book of this story. The opening chapter from The Iron Man is not only an … http://atto.buffalo.edu/registered/Tutorials/talkingBooks/ppt_ace.pdf
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Age 7-9

The Iron Man (audio). Ted Hughes. 100. The Legend of Spud Murphy (audio). Eoin Colfer …. The Iron Man. Ted Hughes. How can mankind stop the dreadful … http://www.freebooksforschools.co.uk/download/bfs_autumn_7_to_9.pdf
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William Bedford Letters of Ted Hughes: Selected and Edited by …

Of The Iron Man, for instance, he says. ‘Apart from being a story I told to my own … The Letters of Ted Hughes should really be read through as they were … http://www.agendapoetry.co.uk/documents/TedHughesLettersREVISEDVERSION.pdf
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final outcome-The unit is based on the novel THE IRON MAN by Ted Hughes (ISBN 0-. 571-20761-8), a modern fairy tale. Pupils will read the novel and discuss … http://www.education.ea.argyll-bute.sch.uk/docs/Iron_man_planner.pdf
# pdf

HRP Pupils Blad.qxd

headlamps, glowed white then red, then infra-red, searching the sea. Never before had the Iron Man seen the sea. From The Iron Man by Ted Hughes … http://www.hodderreadingproject.co.uk/pdf/PDF A.pdf
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Lesson Sequence for ‘The Knife of Never

Tempest, Iain M Banks’ Horza from Consider Phlebas and Ted Hughes’ Iron Man). Competence. Understanding demonstrated verbally and on paper judgement. … http://booktrustadmin.kentlyons.com/downloads/Knife_Lesson_Sequence.pdf
# pdf


Ted Hughes’ Iron Man are altogether more vulnerable and more sympathetic. They are figures of strength and aggression, lonely and … http://www.informaworld.com/index/780938895.pdf
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Participation anddistanciation: contemporary children’s and …

In The Iron Man, which deals overtly with the threat of alien beings, Ted Hughes has constructed what he calls ‘a parable’, in order to interrelate the … http://www.informaworld.com/index/746358590.pdf
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Literacy Planning

Class novel: complete ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Compare with film. Read an example of a review about the ‘BFG’. Look at vocabulary and paragraphing of … http://downloads.nationalstrategies.co.uk/pdf/b476967d33c7f09c076ed764b9474cab.pdf
# pdf

BLAKE’S SHADOW William Blake and his Artistic Legacy

each other like the parts of the mechanical giant in Ted Hughes’ Iron Man. At long last, astonished scholars have been able to study almost the whole of … http://www.headheritage.co.uk/downloads/William_Blake.pdf
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Celebrate 30 years of Walker Books in 2010

12 Nov 2009 … illustrations from award-winning artist Laura Carlin. Debut joint publishing project from Walker and Faber will be Ted. Hughes’ The Iron Man … http://www.walker.co.uk/UserFiles/file/Trade/Frankfurt Newsletter Low-res.pdf
# pdf

London and Bologna 2010

The Iron Man. Ted Hughes and Laura Carlin. The Iron Man wreaks havoc upon the earth until the arrival of a greater force for destruction – a terrible … http://www.walker.co.uk/UserFiles/file/Trade/Bologna Brochure 2010.pdf
# pdf

The history of steel Uses of steel

Read The Iron Man or The. Iron Woman by Ted Hughes and then make a large sculpture of the Iron Man or the Iron Woman. Use boxes covered … http://www.essexcc.gov.uk/vip8/ecc/ECCWebsite/content/binaries/documents/waste/Chapter_5__Metals.pdf?channelOid=null
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Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2009-10

‘The Iron Man’ – Ted Hughes. Classic Poetry – Ted Hughes. Descriptive Writing. Investigating narrative form. Note-taking. Explanation texts … http://www.cleves.co.uk/curriculum/curriculumDocs/topicautumn09/Yr4autumn09.pdf
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The iron man illustrated by Andrew Davidson. Faber and Faber, 1985 … Ted Hughes and R. S. Thomas read and discuss selections of their own poems … http://lib.leedstrinity.ac.uk/librarywebnew/ALLPAGES/pdfbibs07/hughebib.pdf
# pdf

Chatterbooks Update

Orange Chatterbooks Regional Events. The Iron Man in Another Place May 6th. Crosby Beach, inspired by Ted Hughes’s. “Iron Man†and Antony Gormley’s … http://www.readingagency.org.uk.studiolift.webhoster.co.uk/media/media-uploads/ChatterbooksnewsletterMarch2006.pdf
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English Curriculum Overview

depending on ability: The Iron Man (Ted Hughes); Stig of the Dump (Clive King); The. Butterfly Lion (Michael Morpurgo); The Legend of Spud Murphy (Eion … http://www.terranovaschool.co.uk/images/pdf/English Curriculum Overview.pdf
# pdf

Years 3 and 4

maths homework and use a mixture of standard English and dialect. The Iron Man. Ted Hughes. The Iron Man is a destructive force who cannot be controlled … http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/elibrary/Content/Internet/542/827/4016115504.pdf
# pdf

The Power of Reading Order Form Spring 2010

Ted Hughes. The Iron Man. Philip Ridley. Kate di Camillo. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Madhur Jaffrey. Season of Splendour. Year 5/6 … http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/elibrary/Content/Internet/542/827/40121134142.pdf
# pdf

Layout 1

The Ted Hughes Theatre, 8.00pm. Tickets: Å12, Å10 concessions. Out of the Heart of the Star. An opera in three acts based on The. Iron Man and The Iron … http://www.theelmettrust.co.uk/uploads/Festival_Brochure_2008.pdf
# pdf


(i) CENTRAL TEXT: The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. AESTHETIC AND. IMAGINATIVE CONTEXTS. POSSIBLE LANGUAGE. ASSIGNMENTS. SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS … http://www.curriculumonline.ie/uploadedfiles/PDF/jc_english_sy.pdf
# pdf

Time to Move

Programme 3 – The Iron Man. Exciting opportunities for dance, suggested by Ted Hughes’ dramatic description of the appearance of The Iron Man. … http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolradio/pdf/timetomove_autumn_2007.pdf
# pdf

Calderdale visitor guide 2009

Mytholmroyd Arrive by train to see Ted Hughes’ story. ‘Iron Man’ portrayed in station art and views up Cragg. Vale, the longest unbroken road climb in … http://www.calderdale.gov.uk/leisure/tourism/visitor-guide/calderdale-guide1.pdf
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Brambletye Recommended Reading List From September 2009

Florence Parry Heide – The Shrinking Of Treehorn. Shirley Hughes – The Lion And The Unicorn. Ted Hughes – How The Whale Became. Ted Hughes – The Iron Man … http://www.brambletye.co.uk/Websites/brambletye/Images/academic-studies_reading-list.pdf
# pdf

Guided Reading

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. • Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine. • Conker by Michael Morpurgo. • Freckle Juice by Judy Blume … http://www.badger-publishing.co.uk/scpro/pdf/1844244059.pdf

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