Installation Manual TWM Performance Short Shifter 2009 Toyota Corolla

Estimated Installation Time: 60 minutes shifter only, 75 minutes with base bushings
Tools required:
• Flat head screw drivers (small and large)
• Philips head screw driver
• Hammer
• Flash light or shop light **Recommended
• Needle nose pliers
• Rotary cutting tool (Dremel Tool) **Recommended
• Safety glasses
• Shop towels or rags
• Metric socket set (with 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm sockets) and a ratchet with extension
• Punch set (screwdrivers may be substituted)
• Bench Vise
• All purpose automotive grease (white Lithium based grease preferred)

Please Note: It is preferable to park on a flat surface, as you will have to engage and
disengage the hand brake and shift from gears to neutral. If you cannot do so and are oblige
to install the short shifter on a slightly inclined surface, place wooden blocks in front and
behind the wheels to prevent the car from moving while you’re working. Please read this
manual completely before beginning to work on your car.


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