1994-1997 Honda Accord the Skunk2 Racing Rear Lower Arm Bar

Key features for the Skunk2 Racing Rear Lower Arm Bar
Installation Notes:
1) First remove innermost bolts from the lower control arm.
2) Attach black mounting brackets using the stock lower control arm bolts. Torque to 40ft lb.
3) Place the tie bar up to the mounting brackets, use supplied nuts and bolts to mount bar. Torque to 30ft lb.
4) Rotate the bar until there is tension and tighten the lock nuts on each end of the bar.
• Manufactured from aircraft quality AL6061-T6 aluminum.
• Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any lower tie bar on the market.
• Available in hard-anodized or clear ?nish

Rear Lower Arm Bar
Part # 518-05-1869(Clear Anodized)
Included items with rear lower arm bar – Please inspect each item for defects before installation
• (1) Aluminum Arm Bar, hard or clear anodized
• (2) Tie rod ends (Pre-installed on bar)
• (2) Black anodized mounting brackets


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