1994-1997 Honda Accord Ex, Lx, and Dx Models Installation

Note: Disconnect the negative battery teriminal before starting this installation.
1 Remove the air intake box cover and intake air intake duct leading to the throttle body.
2 Remove the PCV pipe as seen in figure 4 and replace the water bypass valve with the 15”- 6mm hose
provided in the kit. The coolant line port is located on the intake manifold housing . See diagram’s A or B The location of the coolant line port hose may vary depending on the year of your car.
( Do not attempt to remove any lines until your engine is cool to the touch.)
3 All Ex-models 94-97- Remove all of the components as seen in diagram C- #8. Since the cold air intake
is not being used in this application the air resonator box can remain in the stock location. Once the
components have been removed from the metal pipe leading to the EGR valve, you may cap-off or plug
as indicated in figure 6 and diagram C. Use the 5mm vacuum cap to seal the line.
4 Screw the vibra-mount into the fender wall as seen in figure 3 and use the m6 nut and washer to attach it.
5 Place the step hose onto the throttle body and use two clamps and tighten the clamp on the throttler
body at this point. See fig. 2
6 Place the end of the intake with the 1/2” aluminum nipple into the 3” side of the step hose and align
the bracket on the intake to the vibra-mount stud and semi-tighten the nut and clamp. See figs. 5 and 7
7 Place the filter on the end of the intake as seen in figure 1 and tighten the clamp.
8 94-95 V-tec models-The vertical pipe leading to the FIA control solenoid valve will tap into the 10”- 10mm
vacuum hose going to the valve cover port and the 1/2” nipple on the intake use the 15”- 6mm hose
and T-fitting seen in figure 7 and diagram C. You will need to cut the 10”- 10mm hose in half in order
to complete this installation.
9 All non-Ex models-will require only the connection of the 10”-10mm hose to the valve cover port and the
1/2” nipple on the intake.
10 Align the intake to ensure clearance before tightening all nuts, bolts, and clamps. Once proper
clearance has been made continue to tighten all nuts, bolts and clamps.
11 Remove all tools and rags from the engine compartment and reconnect the battery terminal prior to
starting your engine.
12 Congratulations! you have just completed the installation.


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