1. Open the tailgate. Remove the spare tire cover by holding the two handles and pulling the cover.

2. Place the spare tire in the panel recess. Insert the wing bolt through the spacer cone and the center of the spare tire. Thread the wing bolt into the body
and tighten it securely.
3. Reinstall the spare tire cover.
4. Press the two tabs and remove the jack cover.
5. Install the spare tire bracket and vinyl storage bag
behind the jack. (If the vehicle is already equipped
with the spare tire bracket, discard the bracket from
the kit).

PAX Spare Tire Kit

Quantity Contents of Kit # 06421-SHJ-999 Reorder part #
1 Tire and wheel assembly Available
1 Spacer Cone 74666-SHJ-A00
1 Bolt, Spare Tire (Wing bolt) 83853-SHJ-A00
1 Bracket Assembly, Spare Tire 74650-SHJ-A00
1 Driver’s side door label with tire
pressures for both spare and PAX
1 Vinyl Storage Bag 89332-SHJ-A00
1 Spare tire kit Instructions (this document) N/A

Fold this paper in half and place it in the owner’s
manual in the section called “Driving with a Flat
8. Apply the door label (showing the tire pressures for
the spare and the PAX tires) on top of the existing
tire pressure label on the driver’s door jamb. Clean
the surface of the existing label before installing the
new label.

Using the compact spare tire on PAX equipped
• A PAX tire is very heavy (72 lbs). Be careful when
moving a PAX tire in or out of the vehicle; if
necessary, get assistance to lift the wheel and tire

• Refer to the “Changing a Flat Tire” section of the
vehicle owner’s manual to install the compact spare

• The “PAX SYSTEM WARNING” messages may be
displayed when using the spare tire. This is normal.
Refer to the “Driving With a Flat Tire” section of the
vehicle owner’s manual for compact spare tire usage.


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