Ford 2008 F250 F350 Front Bumper Replacement Installation

1) Remove hood release latch from factory assembly on factory bumper. Set aside and retain factory hardware for
future installation.
2) Remove 4 bolts beside tow hooks
to remove factory bumper. Retain bolts and
tow hooks for use in step 7.
( see figure 1)
3) Remove fog lights from factory bumper
retain plastic pins and adjusting screw
assembly for future installation.
4) Remove casing from factory fog lights
and discard. Install fog lights to brackets
located on backside of new bumper using hardware
removed in step 2. ( see figure 2

5) Lift bumper and align with truck frame and
secure with (6) ½”x 2” bolts provided.
( see figure 3)
6) Install bumper support bracket provided to the backside of bumper using (4) ½”x2” bolts provided.
( see figure 4)
7) Adjust bumper and tighten all bolts with 75 lbs
of torque.
Figure 4 Figure 3
Figure 3
Figure 4
8) Install tow hook removed in step 2 with original
hardware. Plug in wiring harness to fog lights.
9) Install hood release latch removed in step 1 to
bracket on new bumper.


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