Minimum Required Equipment
•Regular Cab 4×4 144.5″ WB, 8.0′ pickup box, or
SuperCab 4×4 163.0″ WB, 8.0′ pickup box.
•Snowplow Prep Package (Option Code 63A),
— FGAWR upgrade to 4300 lbs. (4300 lb. spring
•Heavy Duty Payload Package (Option Code 627),
— 8200 lb. GVWR
— 4050 lb. FGAWR (4050 lb. spring rating)
— 4800 lb. RGAWR (4900 lb. spring rating)
— Rear axle: capacity upgrade to 5300 lb. and
10.5″ dia. ring gear, 4.10 ratio, limited-slip not
included but available.
— Frame upgrade (0.150″ rail thickness)
— 17″ x 7.5″ J 7-lug steel wheels
— LT245/70R X 17D BSW all-season tires (5)
— Unique powertrain control strategy maintains
5.4L engine cooling-fan engagement at highway
speeds with the snowplow blade raised. The 4.2L and 4.6L engines, and the 5.4L engine without the Snowplow Prep Package, do not
have this strategy, and may over-heat when
driving at highway speeds with the snowplow
blade blocking air-flow.
— Upgraded Radiator and Auxiliary Transmission
— Battery upgrade to 72 amp-hr. / 650 CCA
•5.4L 3-valve V8 engine, 4R75E automatic
•Fuel tank, 35.7 gallon (135L) capacity
The Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty applies to
vehicles with snowplows installed in accordance with
these guidelines. Consult your Ford dealer or the Owner Guide for any further questions. Completed Vehicle Weight
Recommended weight limits:
— Regular Cab 695 lbs. (645 lbs. removable plow
assembly + 50 lbs. permanently attached
— SuperCab 535 lbs. (485 lbs. removable plow
assembly + 50 lbs. permanently attached
These snowplow weight limits are based upon a vehicle
built with maximum buildable Ford option content, driver
plus one front seat passenger, 150 lbs. each, 800 lbs. of
ballast weight rearward of the rear axle, and additional
assumptions for commercially available snowplow
assembly weights and mounting location
The vehicle must not be operated when over-loaded. A
vehicle is over-loaded when the weight of the completed
vehicle with aftermarket equipment installed, plus driver,
passengers, and cargo, exceeds either the FGAWR,
RGAWR, or GVWR established by Ford Motor
Company and displayed on the Safety Compliance
Certification Label
The addition of ballast weight placed rearward of the
rear axle may be required to prevent exceeding
FGAWR, and provide good vehicle braking and
handling. The ballast should be attached securely to the
vehicle with consideration for the normal driving
dynamics of snowplowing, and occupant safety in
For Ford completed vehicles of 10,000 GVWR or less,
the weight of permanently attached aftermarket
equipment must not exceed the Total Accessory
Reserve Capacity (T.A.R.C.) displayed on the Safety
Compliance Certification Label to maintain the compliance representation that came with the Ford-built vehicle. Exceeding T.A.R.C. will require recertification.
This applies only to the permanently attached
equipment, such as the snowplow frame mounting
hardware, and not to the removable portion of the
snowplow blade assembly


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