Carburetor TheNew STROMBERG for FORD Cars

To INSTALL the New STROMBERG Carburetor on Ford Cars
First take gasoline line extension H, and connect to old gasoline line No. 10. Before attaching to car-
buretor, be sure to insert packing and tighten nut
No. 11so there is 110 chance for leakage.
I-If it is found that the pipe line is not exactly the right shape for installation it can be bent to fit with-
out doing any damage.
2-Then take the cap screws B and insert them throuzh
holes in manifold, placing gasket C over the scrcws,
3-Takc carburetor A and place it in position as shown
in illustration. Insert the screws in carburetor, and
tighten them evenly with a wrench.
4—-Conncct gasoline extension II as shown in illustra-
S-Connect up wire G on primer as shown in picture.
6-‘1’h(; carburetor is now installed with the exception
of the throttle rod. Owing to the various lengths
of these throttle rods, it has been found neces-
sary to make an adjustable throttle lever on the
carburetor. :I n order to make this connection-move
gas throttle lever on steering column to a closed
position, also move throttle lever on carburetor No.
12 to closed position by bringing it as far as it will
go toward you. Then, in case throttle rod does not
enter hole No. 13, loosen clamp screw No. 14 and
move lever No. 12 over until this connection can be
made, after which tighten screw No. 14. Insert
throttle rod in hole and replace cotter pin No.1 used
on old carburetor.

in the carburetor, place it in position as shown in
illustration; inserting wire between floor-board and
dash, bringing it around the back of the motor, being
sure not to make any sharp bends.
Tightel1 clamp ring in” position as shown, about 10
inches below upper end of steering post.
Placc end of wire tube No. 16 throngh hole No. 17,
and at the same time running wire inside of No.16
through hole No. 18. The wire tube should come
through No. 17 until it just shows on under side.
-Tighten screw No. 19.
-Ilclore tightening screw No. 20 be sure that the lever
on the steering post control No. 21 is all the way
down, and also that No. 22 lever on the carburetor
isall the way down as shown in picture. Then
tighten screw No. 20.
Inscrt h~ot air tubing Ein hot air ~ousing F, approxi-
matcly % 111ch. Then place housing f over exhaust
manifold as shown in illustration, being sure the hot
air tubing is started in carburetor. Tighten screw
No. 23 to hold it in position. In order to have hot
air housing fit snugly over exhaust, it is advisable
to tap it lightly with a hammer as screw is tizhtened.
Turn on the gasoline. “‘ b
Chcck np carburetor flange and manifold gaskets, making S11re that these joints are absolutely tight.
Also sec that carburetor Float Chamber Bowl docs
not touch the frame, hut has at least 1.\’- in. clearance.


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