1940 Ford tailight – PN 6027 Installation Instructions

Disconnect Battery. Do not skip this step. Also, do not try to “test” the LED array by connecting the leads directly to your battery. Permanent
damage will occur to the LED array if you fail to heed these
2. Remove the current taillight
assemblies from your car.
3. Position the supplied body seal
on the fender.
4. Remove the stainless steel nuts and washers from the LED taillight assembly and install
into the fender. Note that the
lip on the body seal is molded
at less than a 90 degree angle.
This keeps the lip tight against
the bezel. Make sure the lip is
not pinched under the bezel. It
is best to use light pressure on
the taillight while working the
lip outward around the entire
perimeter. A Popsicle stick
works well for this task.
5. Reinstall the stainless steel
washers and nuts. Position the taillight for the best fit and tighten the nut using a 3/8”
socket. Do not overtighten!
6. Wiring. Using the supplied
connectors, connect the wire
from the taillight circuit to the
black wire on the supplied
harness. To use the connector:
See instructions this page.
7. Repeat by connecting the wire
from the brake light circuit on
your car to the red wire on the
supplied harness. The green
wire is connected to a good
body ground.
8. Repeat for the other side.
9. Reconnect the battery.
10. Test both STOP and taillight
functions and enjoy!
Technical Notes
11. Turn Signal Flashers: If your
car has a conventional bulb in
the front parking light, your existing flasher should work. If you have an LED or no front
parking light, you will need an
electronic flasher. We have
these available.


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