Installation Manual For The Ford ACCEL Digital Fuel Injection Engine Management System

Prior to starting your installation, please verify the contents of your ACCELDFI package. You should find the following
Quantity Component
(1) Electronic Control Module (ECM)
(1) Main Wiring Harness (MWH)
(1) Injector Wire Harness (IWH)
(1) Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor
(1) Heated Oxygen Sensor with mounting nut
(1) Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS)
(1) 6 way to 4 way TFI adapter harness
(1) Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
conversion connector
(1) Idle Air Control (IAC) Motor
(1) Idle Air Control (IAC) Motor Housing
(1) IACMotor Housing Adapter Plate
(1) IAC Adapter Plate with gasket and screws
If your are missing any item , please contact your dealer

Prior to starting the installation of your ACCELDFI system,
read this manual carefully!!
I) Obtaining Your Manifold2
II) Setting Up Your Manifold2
III) Mounting Your ACCELECM4
IV) Injector Harness Installation5
V) Main Wire Harness Routing And Connections5
VI) Choosing Your Distributor9
VII) Fuel Pump Mounting and Fuel Line Installation13
VIII) Mounting The Oxygen Sensor19
IX) Air Cleaner Assembly20
X) Starting The Vehicle 20
XI) Optional Items21
XII) Trouble Shooting Guide23
Some parts are not legal for sale or use in California or on
any pollution-controlled motor vehicle.

Although this package is designed to allow you to convert
a carbureted engine to fuel injection or allow you better
control over your present fuel injected engine, it does not
include the hydraulic portion of the installation. If you need
a fuel pump, filter, fittings, etc. contact your local ACCEL
EMIC center for the proper ACCELDFI part numbers for
your application.
Currently ACCELDFI only has manifolds for Chevrolet
applications, for your Ford application you may use an
OEM or aftermarket fuel injection manifold. Talk to some of
our ACCELDFI’s EMIC centers for fabricating or modifying
a carbureted style manifold for your application. ACCEL
DFI EMIC Centers can also sell, install, and tune all ACCEL
DFI products. For the nearest dealer to you please call:
Prior to installing your manifold make sure that all gasket
surfaces are clean. ACCELrecommends using a 180 degree
thermostat in most applications. Place your thermostat and
gasket onto your manifold, put your thermostat housing
onto the manifold and bolt in place. When installing your
fuel injectors, be careful not to cut the O-Rings. Asmall
amount of oil on each O-Ring will aid in the assembly.
Please reference a service manual for proper torque
sequence and vacuum line routing. If this is a custom manifold,
please contact your fabricator for this information.
NOTE: It is recommended at this point to use a hole saw
(i.e. Green Lee punch) to put two (2) 1-5/8” diameter holes
in the firewall to accommodate the main wiring harness.
Please refer the figure below


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