Hydronic 5 (Ford Application) Installation, Troubleshooting, Repair Manual

Espar’s Hydronic 5 heater offers an affordable heating solution for pick-ups. Its compact size enables a simple installation and
eliminates the need for electrical plug-ins. The heater is quality engineered to provide a dependable means of heating and is
capable of putting out between 8,200 to 17,100 BTU’s/hr. It fea- tures automatic heat regulation while being fuel and power effi-
The heater pumps coolant from the engine, heats it and returns
it to the engine. By routing the hot coolant through the vehicles
heat exchanger it is also possible to heat the interior of the

Since the heater runs on diesel fuel using 12 volt power, it is
able to operate completely independent of the vehicle engine.
A temperature regulating switch in the unit regulates the coolant
temperature between a low of 65°C (149°F) and a high of 80°C
(176°F) by automatically cycling the heater.
The Hydronic 5 is controlled from the vehicle cab by a timer
which can be set to come on from up to 7 days in advance.
A flame sensor, temperature regulating and overheat switch are
among the safety features which make the Hydronic 5 a safe
and dependable heating system.

The proper operation of the Espar coolant heaters requires
that the coolant in the system to be heated contain a proper
mixture of water and antifreeze to prevent coolant from
freezing or slushing.
• If the coolant becomes slushy or frozen, the heater’s
coolant pump cannot move the coolant properly causing a
blockage of the circulating system. Once this occurs, pres-
sure will build up rapidly in the heater and the coolant hose
could either burst or blow off at the connection point to the
• This situation could cause engine damage and/or personal
i n j u r y. Extreme care should be taken to ensure a proper mix-
ture of water and antifreeze is used in the coolant system.
• Refer to the engine manufacturer’s or coolant manufactur –
er’s recommendations for your specific requirements.
Correct installation of this heater is necessary to ensure
safe and proper operation. Read and understand this manu-
al before attempting to install the heater. Failure to follow all
these instructions could cause serious or fatal injury
Explosion Hazard
• Heater must be turned off while re-fueling.
• Do not install heater in enclosed areas where combustible
fumes may be present.
Fire Hazard
• Install the exhaust system so it will maintain a minimum dis-
tance of 50mm(2”) from any flammable or heat sensitive
• Ensure that the fuel system is intact and there are no leaks.
Asphyxiation Hazard
• Route the heater exhaust so that exhaust fumes cannot
enter any passenger compartments.
• If running exhaust components through an enclosed com-
partment, ensure that it is vented to the outside.

Hydronic 5 Specifications
Heat output (±10%) 5 kW (17,100 BTU/hr) – High
2.4 kW (8,200 BTU/hr) – Low
Current draw (±10%) 4.4 amps High
1.9 amps Low
Fuel consumption (±10%) 0.62 l/hr (0.16 gal/hr) High
0.30 l/hr (0.08 gal/hr) Low
Operating Voltage Range
Minimum Voltage 10 V
Maximum Voltage 16 V
Working pressure 2.5 bar (36 psi)
Ambient operating temperature -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
Overheat temperature shutdown (±5%) 105°C (221°F)
Weight 2.9 kg. (6.4 lbs.)
Controls available 7 day timer.

Heater Model
25 1920 05
Installs are for models 250/350
4 wheel drive & 4 wheel ABS
2 wheel drive & 4 wheel ABS


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