Ford F150 Aftermarket DVD Installation Instructions

Cutting template for DVD harness Attach one large bin and one small bin (included with DVD kit) Using template provided, cut a rectangular hole in headliner as shown on
template Remove large and small bins from headliner.

Removing Trim
Remove caps and unscrew bolts on “A” pillar trim

Installing harness to radio
Open ash tray and tug at bottom of radio bezel to release spring clips, continue
at mid and top of bezel to remove.

Feed DVD harness (small single connector) through gap between cross car
bracket and harness, pulling full length of harness through gap, leaving enough
to connect to radio

Snap the rear of the rails in place by pushing upward on the back ends of the
rails until the clips re-engage into sheet metal.
Install the rear rail ends to the rear console using the 2 screws.
Install the front and rear consoles, attaching the wire connectors to the lamp
Install the visors, A pillars, B pillars, coat hooks and sill covers. (pulling the
rubber door seals away from the door openings to install trim and headliner in to
Attach large and small bins to the rail
Install the dvd by connecting the harness connector, sliding the locking retainer
on the connector , and installing the dvd onto the rail.


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