1937 Ford Installation Instructions

1.  Disconnect Battery.  Do not skip this step.  Also, do not try to “test” the LED array by connecting the leads
directly to your battery.  Permanent damage will occur to the LED array
if you fail to heed these steps.
2.  Remove taillight lens and bezel.
3.  Remove light bulb and light bulb
4.  Remove the LED array from the
stainless steel bracket.
5.  Route the supplied electrical
harness through the taillight and to
the area where connections will be

6. Install the stainless steel bracket in
the taillight housing using the
supplied screw. Also attach the
green ground wire from the
supplied harness to this screw.
7. Attach the plastic connector on the
supplied harness to the LED array.
8. Deform the supplied plastic spacers
to hold them on the screw during
9. Align the LED array and stainless
steel bracket while installing the
supplied stainless steel screws and
lock washers.

10. Reassemble the rest of the taillight.
11. Wiring Using the supplied
connectors, connect the wire from
the taillight circuit to the black wire
on the supplied harness. To use the

connector: Put both wires in a
separate hold, unstripped. Holding
the wires as far in as possible,
squeeze the connector with pliers.
Some “goo” may come out of the
connector. This “goo” ensures a
watertight connection. Repeat by
connecting the wire from the brake
light circuit on your car to the red
wire on the supplied harness. If
your car is fiberglass, the housing
must be grounded.
12. Repeat for the other side.
13. Reconnect the battery.
14. Test both STOP and taillight
15. Enjoy!


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