Toyota Prius 2010 – Dual Player Headrest Video Installation

A. Pre-installation Precaution
1. Use Seat and Floor Protectors to avoid damage to surfaces.
2. If the vehicle is equipped with an Anti-theft radio, the radio code must be written down prior to disconnecting the battery cable. The code must be re-entered when the negative battery
cable is reinstalled. Disconnecting the battery
may cause certain vehicle settings to be lost.
Manufacture’s recommendations for the battery
removal should be followed. Disconnecting the
battery is recommended.

B. Battery disconnect
1. Open rear deck lid.
2. Unlock rear cargo compartment cover locks
by twisting. (Figure B2)
3. Lift out compartment cover. (Figure B3)
4. Lift out storage tray from handle at rear.
(Figure B4)
5. Unsnap rear right hand side cover with
hands. (Figure B5)
6. Lift out cover and remove from vehicle.
(Figure B6)

7. Loosen negative battery cable with a 10mm
box end wrench and remove cable. Remove
bolt from clamp and re-install from opposite
side. (Figure B7)

C. Vehicle disassembly
1. Remove the forward inside kick panel from
each side of the center console. (Figure C1)
2. Use a NRT to pry the power point bezel from
inside the forward center console. Access
backside. (Figure C2a,C2b)
3. Lift cup holder from center console box.
(Figure C3)

Kit Contents
Item #Quantity Reqd.Description
12 Headrest Assembly
22 Remote Control
32 Cables #3
41 Power Cord #9
51Bag with Storage Straps
6 1 Metal Wire Puller
71 Owner’s Manual
82 Headrest Cover
9 2 IR Headphones
10 8 AAA Batteries
111 Control Box
121 Hardware Bag
131 Fm Antenna
144 Cable Clamps
Hardware Bag Contents
Item #Quantity Reqd.Description
12 Red T-taps
2 2 10″ Wire Ties
312 6″ Wire Ties
414″ x 8″ Foam Tape
513″x1/2″ Two Side Tape

Additional Items Required For Installation
Item #Quantity Reqd.Description
Recommended Tools
Seat/Floor CoversBlankets
10mm Box end wrenchPliers
Nylon Removal ToolWire Cutters
10mm SocketRatchet
12mm Socket Nylon Removal Tool NRT
Torque Wrench 48in/lbs
Safety Tools
Installation Tools
Special Tools
Special Chemicals


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