Base Kit Contents
Item # Quantity Reqd. Description 1 1 Main IP 2 1 Shift Plate 3 1 Driver Front Door 4 1 Driver Rear Door
5 1 Passenger Front Door
6 1 Passenger Rear Door
7 1 Care & Cleaning Card


Recommended Tools
Safety Tools

Special Tools
Non Intrusive IR
Temperature Probe/Gun

Installation Tools
Heat Source
Lint-Free Scratch Resistant
3M Disposable Cloth

Special Chemicals
Cleaner (Vehicle) Alcohol / Water
50 / 50 Mixture
Bottled Distilled Water In spray bottle

General Applicability
2010 Prius
Service Parts
Item # Qty Description
00016-47115-01 1 Main IP
00016-47115-02 1 Shift Plate
00016-47115-03 1 Driver Front Door
00016-47115-05 1 Driver Rear Door
00016-47115-04 1 Passenger Front Door
00016-47115-06 1 Passenger Rear Door

1. Inspection of Parts
(a) Inspect parts for defects and damage prior
to installation.

2. Installation Precautions
(a) Thoroughly clean all installation
surfaces using the alcohol and water
50/50 mix.
(1) Always use a clean 3M lint free
(2) Shake solution well.
(3) Apply solution to cloth. Do not
spray cleaning solutions directly to
any vehicle surfaces.
(Fig. 1-1)
(4) Clean surface thoroughly and wipe
dry immediately with a new clean
cloth. Do not allow cleaner to air
(b) Dash Appliqué must be between 70°F
and 110°F (just prior to actual
(c) Vehicle dash surfaces must be between
70°F and 110°F (just prior to actual
(1) Warm up vehicle surfaces (as
(2) Use heat gun, infrared lamps, shop
heat or vehicle heating system to heat
surfaces to a temperature of at least
70°F. Keep heat gun at lowest setting,
6″ from surfaces.


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