Keyless Entry Impact Sensor Upgrade – TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 IMPACT

INSTALLATION PREPARATION Before starting installation:
1. Familiarize yourself with the installation instructions.
2. Inspect kit components.
VEHICLE PREPARATION Verify that the vehicle shorting pin is installed prior to installation.
1. Place protective coverings on vehicle.
2. Disconnect negative battery clamp.
3. Remove the driver’s side scuff plate by inserting
a plastic panel tool under the scuff plate and prying upward to disengage the snap clips. Optional Step: Insert a plastic tool under the
front of the scuff plate and driver’s side kick
panel. Lift only that area.
4. Remove the nut that secures the driver’s side
kick panel.
5. Remove the driver’s side kick panel by inserting
a plastic panel tool under the kick panel and
carefully prying to disengage the snap clips.

Item #Quantity Reqd.Description
11Security Interface Module
21Shock Sensor
31Main Harness
41Hardware Bag
52Anti-Theft Window Decals
61Owner’s Card
Kit Contents
Item #Quantity Reqd.Description
13Red T-Tap Terminal
2128” Black Cable Ties
31Foam Mounting Pad
41Red Scotchlok Connector
Hardware Bag Contents

Vehicle Service Parts (may be required for reassembly)
General Applicability
Item #Accessory
Recommended Sequence of Application
SPECIAL NOTE: Installation Sequences
After TMS and Safety mandated preparatory steps have been taken, the
installation sequence is the suggested method for completing the accessory
installation. In some instances the suggested sequence is written for one
associate to install and in others the sequence is given as part of a team
accessory installation. Unless otherwise stated in the document, the
associates may perform the installation steps in any order to make the
installation as ef? cient as possible while maintaining consistent quality.
* Mandatory
P/N Qty.Description
00016-47031-031Interface Control Module
00016-30960-021Shock Sensor Module
00016-47101-021Miscellaneous Hardware Kit
00016-30960-032Window Warning Decal
00016-47101-011Wire Harness


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