Installation of the X10 Backup camera in my 2005 Toyota Prius

I bought the DB9 to SCART cable from to attach the VSRGB SCART port to the video DB9 port of CAN-View. I also bought the short red power cable that
enables the VSRGB box to get its 7.5 Volts power through the DB9 to SCART cable; it connects
from the outer R- in audio port on the VSRGB to the power input of the VSRGB, as shown

The white-plugged audio cable is not used.

The VSRGB box is attached by Velcro to the top of the Nav box.. The SCART cable behind
goes to the front of the Nav box to attach to the DB9 video input port on CAN-View. (I put
CAN-View in front of the Nav box, attached by Velcro to the carpet, since the seat covers made
putting it on top of the Nav box a close call.


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