Installation Guide Prius without factory NAV A DVD of PC CAN-view

Installation of either version 1 (behind the glove box) or version 3 (under a front seat) follows exactly the same steps most of the way.
The main effort is in removing your Prius dash panels in a fixed order to gain access to the back of the MFD. (Multi-Function-Display) The best way to see how to do this is to go to
Chris Dragon’s excellent step-by-step photo shoot. Its at Prius stereo install

His comprehensive guide is intended for a new stereo install, but it includes as part of that install, removing the MFD. So follow his steps carefully up to his page 7. You don’t need
access to the stereo so skip from page 7 to page 9.
At this point, you should have the MFD (or LCD screen as he refers to it) loose. There is no need to remove any of the 3 connectors plugged into it. Just turn it 90 degrees so you
can see the back. Use a cloth so you don’t scratch the MFD or the dash its resting on. But here is a picture of it with all the connectors removed (just for clarity)

Now follow these steps:
1)The CAN-view requires 12v ACC power, which is available on the top left connector on the back
of the MFD. Locate the grey wire in this plug, (top row, 2nd from the left, grey in color) Place the
red wire-tap over this grey wire, fold it loosely closed and squeeze it shut with some pliars


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