Check System for Operation
1. Reconnect battery negative terminal
2. Turn on headlamp low beams, then press
fog light switch to “ON” position. Fog lights should be working. Fog lights will only work when the low beam headlamps are
“ON”. Fog lights will NOT work when the
high beam headlamps are “ON”
10. Install switch harness
11. Reinstall dash panels
12. Route the fog light wire under car.
13. Remove fog light cover plates and lower
splash shields
14. Mount fog lights into bezel by sliding fog
light tabs into slots and secure other side
with supplied screw

Remove the negative battery terminal
1. Secure the relay to the next to the fuse
block with wire ties
2. Attach the ring terminal with 2 black wires to
3. Attach fog light 12v red wire to open spade
inside the fuse block as shown in picture 1

Pin 32 is on the left side of the connector 7th
up from bottom of the connector.
Connector 2C located left of the steering
column above big white wire picture 2

4. Locate the large vehicle harness grommet
on the left side. Cut the auxiliary wiring
access nipple off the grommet and push
small 2-wire connector through firewall.
Note: Extra caution should be taken not to
damage connector
5. Run wires along the driver side of the
engine compartment. Secure with wire ties
as needed
6. From inside the cabin remove dash panels
and locate the little small connector that was
pushed through in step 4. Plug it to the
switch harness.
7. T-tap orange/black wire from fog light
harness to connector 2C pin 32 green wire.


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