2005 Toyota Prius Rear Door Speaker Replacement Guide

This document is intended to provide a step-by-step guide to replacing the rear speakers in a 2005 Toyota Prius. It is very simple and straightforward. It describes replacement on
a ‘base’ non-JBL system, but should be very relevant (although maybe a slightbit
different) for the ‘premium’ JBL system, and for replacing frontspeakers (which I also did).
The difference in sound quality is remarkable. I replaced the rear speakers with Infinity Kappa Series 62.7i, 6 ½” two-way loudspeakers and the front door speakers with Infinity
Kappa Series 60.7cs 6 ½” two-way component speakers (see links to manufacturer
website below). Both sets included adapters that facilitate simple mounting in the Prius’
larger door speaker enclosures (most speakers would require purchase of a separate
adapter). Both sets also feature crossovers that provide much better sound separation, and allowed me to tweak the treble settings to +3db, which better suits my taste for lots of
high treble. I purchased the speakers on ebayfor $85 (for the rear 62.7 pair) and $160
(for the front 60.7 pair), plus shipping.
It took me about an hour on the first rear door, and 30 minutes on the other rear door
(experience counts!) Front doors took about twice as long -the crossovers were a little
more complex to wire, and the doors had more ‘stuff’ to disconnect and re-connect.


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