2004-2008 Ford SuperCrew F-150 SuperRail Mounting Kit 3113 Installation

Installation Instructions

• Fits 2004-2008 Ford SuperCrew F-150 w/ 5’6” bed
• Added limitations on trailers over 90” wide
• Hitch is located center of axle

Illustration — Mounting Hardware Parts Identification 1
Parts List 2
Installation — Truck Preparation 3
Installation — Marking the Bed for Drilling 3
Layout Method 3
Template Method 3
Truck Bed Layout 4
Layout Method 4
“Truck Bed Dimension Table” 4
Mounting Bracket Installation 5 Part 1 – Bracket Placement & Bed Hole Locations 5-6 Illustration — Hitch Assembly Exploded View 7
Part 2 — Drilling the Bed & Bracket Installation 8
Part 3 — Hitch Alignment 8
Part 4 — Final Installation Procedures 8

Detailed Installation Instructions

1. Use transparent tape to cover the mounting post hole on the top of each mounting bracket (when the pilot hole is
drilled through the bed, the tape will be pierced by the small drill; it should be positioned in the center of the 1”
mounting post hole).
2. Install the rear bracket nut plates {Q} by clipping them onto the frame as seen below.
3. Align the rear driver side mounting bracket {B} flush to the frame using the provided nut plates to attach it.
4. Fasten the mounting bracket flush to the frame (some mounting brackets may have a slight warp due to the metal
characteristics during the welding process) by using either a clamp or by inserting a fastener through the
mounting bracket in the existing frame hole(s). Do not overtighten—you will be removing the brackets in later

WARNING: Prior to drilling any holes, be sure to check the inside of the frame to guard against drilling into the
fuel tank, wiring, brake lines or fuel module


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