NO HOLES License Plate Bracket Kit BMW Installation Instructions

This kit allows the owner of any BMW to attach a front license plate to their BMW without the need to drill holes. BMW has always attached the front license plate by drilling the
front bumper and permanently mounting the plastic license plate bracket to the front
bumper with screws. The ‘NO HOLES’ kit mounts the front license plate utilizing the front
tow hook attachment point. The kit comes complete with all mounting hardware, including
the screws to affix the license plate to the bracket. The bracket allows for the mounting of
normal size US License plates, Rallye Plates and European style plates.

(WARNING: The bolt installed into the TOW HOOK attachment point is not to be
utilized as a tow hook bolt. It is designed to hold the license plate only.)

The ‘NO HOLES’ License Plate Bracket Kit contains:

Tow Hook Adapter Bolt (6) License Plate Bolts
License Plate Bracket (6) License Plate Washers
(1) 19mm Bolt (6) License Plates Lock Nuts
(1) Large 19mm Lock Washer
Complete Instructions
(2) Height Adjustment Brackets
Extra Flat Washers as Spacers

Tools required for installation:

19mm Wrench or Socket w/Ratchet 19mm Wrench
10mm Wrench 4mm Allen Wrench
Small Straight Slot Screwdriver or MINI tow point cover removal tool Page 2 of 2
Installation Instructions:

1. Utilizing the small straight slot screwdriver or
the BMW tow point cover removal tool, remove
the access cover for the front tow hook mounting
point located on passenger side of the front
bumper. Gently pull plastic retainer to remove
cap from car. Store cap in a safe place to
reinstall later if desired.

2. Insert the ‘NO HOLES’ tow hook adapter bolt
into the tow point and tighten with the 19mm

3. Install the license plate bracket onto the ‘NO
HOLES’ tow hook adapter bolt, then install the
lock washer and the 19mm bolt. While holding
the license plate bracket in a level position,
tighten the 19mm bolt until the bracket is secure.

4. At this point, install the Optional License Plate Height Adjustment Brackets.
To install the license height adjusters, select the hole of
the desired height and insert the bolt through the height
adjuster and the license plate bracket and install washer
and lock nut. Repeat for other side of license plate
bracket. Next install license plate to upper and lower
holes of the adjuster plates. See diagram on right.

5. Attach the license plate to the bracket utilizing the (2)
screws, (6) washers, and (2) nuts. Tighten with the 4mm
Allen wrench and 10mm wrench. The plate and bracket
may be bent slightly to allow the plate to sit flat.


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