GROM Interface Installation into BMW – Dashboard Mounting Instructions

Tools needed
1. Wire crimp tool (optional)
1. Turn off car’s engine and remove key from ignition
2. Using the stereo removal tools carefully remove radio from the dash pocket
3. Located the vehicle specific cable and T-Tap clips that came with your adapter (picture 1).
4. At the back of the stereo locate harness which connects your radio to the car. It should have pins
like shown below (either of two shown ) on a diagram 1

5. 3 wires coming out of adapter’s vehicle specific cable are marked with the colors (black, red and
orange). Depending on your harness you need to connect those wires to the appropriate car
stereo wires according to the diagram 1 above
6. To simplify the installation 3 T-Tap clips have been included with the adapter. Secure male
terminals on a wires coming out of the adapters so you have it like shown below (picture 1)

11. Find a place where you can place GROM. In all BMW/Mini there is enough room inside the dash
to place GROM.
Note: Make sure you place GROM in a place with enough room so when you mount car
stereo back you do not break the adapter
12. You may use glove box or other spaces on a dash to direct the cables out
13. Mount your car stereo back into the dash, make sure it’s clips are securely fastened
14. Now you can turn you car stereo on and switch it over to CD Changer mode. It should show Disk
1, Track 01 on a display. If it is not – see Troubleshooting section.
15. Congratulations! You have installed GROM adapter and you may use it right now with your
portable player.


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