Enhanced BMW Bluetooth Interface Microphone Installation

Thank you for purchasing our version of BMW’s Bluetooth wireless technology ULF interface. This interface is designed
to provide full integration of your BMW’s built in mobile phone capabilities and your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Below
is a list of components that you should have received from us
or have purchased separately.

This document is designed to
be a supplement to the BMW ULF Installation manual available
online. Hardcopy of the installation manual and owner’s
guides are shipped with the Installation kit and cradle option
only and are available online otherwise.
You will need the following components to complete the
• BMW ULF Modified interface module
• Wiring harness (custom for your car)
• BMW Installation kit (optional)
• BMW Microphone
• BMW ULF Installation guide
• BMW User manuals
• Installation bracket (optional and available separately)
• SES Jumper plug (if required)
This kit provides integration of a Bluetooth enabled phone with the car’s stereo for radio mute and use of the built in BMW cell
phone speakers. The BMW microphone is also utilized. The
steering wheel buttons work for answering a call and hanging
up, as well as activating voice dial and volume control during a
call. The phone can be set to automatically connect with the
car upon starting the car. Full support of the BMW OEM
Bluetooth phone interface is offered through this product.
Everything is mounted in the trunk (except the microphone of course) and there are no wires to run. No wires to cut and no
re-programming at the dealer required. It will just work!
If you purchased the cradle/installation option, please refer to
the enclosed BMW Installation guide for installation of this part
in your armrest.


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