Toyota Supra MKIII Installation Manual – Firmware Version 3.1

Remove the passenger’s side kick panel, glove box, and inner glove box cover.
The car’s engine ECU is located on the upper left of the glove box opening.
The ECT ECU is located behind the passenger’s right lower kick panel.
The Cruise Control ECU (89+) is above the driver’s lower kick panel, by the steering column

Wiring Diagram: All connections should be spliced except Sol 1, Sol 2, and Sol L which require the 3 wires to be cut.
Wire Color Number Description
Black 1 Ground
White 2 Manual / Auto Selector (12 volts = man, 0 volts = auto)
Red 3 Ignition +
Light Blue 4 Sol 1 (ECT ECU Side of cut wire)
Tan 5 Sol 2 (ECT ECU Side of cut wire)
Yellow 6 Sol L (ECT ECU Side of cut wire)
Orange 7 Upshift (12 volts = shift)
Light Green 8 Downshift (12 volts = shift)
Dark Green 9 Throttle Position (TPS signal wire)
Brown 10 Cruise Control Paddle
White/Brown 11 RPM (NE signal wire)
White/Blue 12 Brake Signal
Pink 13 Sol 1 (Tranny Side of cut wire)
Gray 14 Sol 2 (Tranny Side of cut wire)
Dark Blue 15 Sol L (Tranny Side of cut wire)
Purple Unit Test Signal / Shift Light


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