Care must be taken when installing this accessory to ensure damage does not occur to the vehicle. The installation of this
accessory should follow approved guidelines to ensure a quality installation.

These guidelines can be found in the “Accessory Installation Practices” document.

This document covers such items as:-
• Vehicle Protection (use of covers and blankets, cleaning chemicals, etc.).
• Safety (eye protection, rechecking torque procedure, etc.).
• Vehicle Disassembly/Reassembly (panel removal, part storage, etc.).
• Electrical Component Disassembly/Reassembly (battery disconnection, connector removal, etc.).

Please see your Toyota dealer for a copy of this document.

Part Number: Mounting Kit PT546-02080
Tuner Assembly 86180-0W031

Tuner Assembly Kit Contents (86180-0W031)
Item # Quantity Reqd. Description
1 1 Tuner Assy, Stereo Component

Mounting Kit Contents (PT546-02080)
Item # Quantity Reqd. Description
1 1 Tuner Bracket
2 1 Antenna Cable
3 2 Hardware Bags

Hardware Bag Contents – 1 (PT546-02080)
Item # Quantity Reqd. Description
1 4 Screw A (M5xL8)
2 1 Nut A (M6)
3 1 Nut B (M6)
4 1 Screw B (M6xL10)
Hardware Bag Contents – 2 (PT546-02080)
Item # Quantity Reqd. Description
1 1 Cushion Tape (50 x 100mm)
2 5 Lock Tie A (Antenna Cable)

Additional Items Required For Installation

JBL Premium Audio

NOTE: Part number of this accessory may
not be the same as the part number shown.

Recommended Tools
Personal & Vehicle

Special Tools Notes

Installation Tools Notes
Sockets 10mm
Torque Wrench 4.1N•m (36 lbf•in)
Screwdriver Philips, #2
Panel Removal Tool e.g. panel pry Tool #1
Toyota SST#00002-06001-01
Side Cutter

Special Chemicals Notes

General Applicability

Recommended Sequence of Application
Item # Accessory

Vehicle Service Parts (may be required for


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