Toyota Celica GT-S Front Installation Manual Rev H

Caliper Clearance
Most 17 wheels will clear the outer diameter of the caliper. Wheel weights mounted on the inside of the wheel
may need to be repositioned. The more critical clearance is the spokes of the wheel to the outer face of the
caliper. Do not assume an 18, 19 or even 20 inch wheel will clear the outer face of the caliper. A minimum
distance of 66.25mm, measured from the outer rotor face to the inside face of the wheel spokes. This
is the net metal-to-metal measurement. We recommend at least 2mm additional clearance to clear the
ST-40 caliper on the Celica GT-S.
Final fitment of the wheel to the caliper is the responsibility of the customer.
Wheel Spacers
Wheel spacers can provide extra clearance to the outer face of the caliper. This will also space out the entire
wheel, widening the track width of the vehicle. Basic suspension settings will generally not be adversely affected
by a slight widening (up to 3mm per side) of the track. Fender clearances should be checked on lowered cars,
and longer lug studs or wheel bolts may be required.

Brake Vibration
The most common causes of brake vibration are run-out and thickness variations on the rotor. Double disc
grinding insures the rotor run-out is within +/- 0.002” when installed on our aluminum hat. Thickness variation is
within 0.0003”. Under the most extreme conditions, any rotor may warp. Thickness variation will never
change, though pad material may get deposited on one spot of the rotor if a foot is left on the brake pedal after
coming to a complete stop when the system is hot. This deposited material will induce a vibration, and if sever
enough, can only be cured by replacing the rotor. Not following proper break-in procedures for the rotor and
pads may also cause pad deposits on the rotor.
STOPTECH is not liable for vibrations caused by extreme usage or improper
break-in procedures.


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