Installation Instructions iPod Interface Retrofit BMW Series 5 E60, E61 6 E63, E64

These installation instructions are only valid for cars without SA 672 (CD changer) or SA 694 (CD changer preparation).
Retrofit kit No. 65 41 0 412 881 iPod interface retrofit kit
Installation time
The installation time is approx. 1.0 hours, but may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in it.
In general the car must be upgraded to the latest I stage status by flashing before starting the work. Depending on
the production age of the car and the work already carried out on the car, the programming times will vary, which
means that we cannot quote a specific time at this point.
The installation time does not include any time for programming/encoding, as this depends on the age of the car
and the equipment in it.
Important information
These installation instructions are primarily designed for use within the BMW dealership organisation and by
authorised BMW service companies.
In any event, the target group for these installation instructions is specialist personnel trained on BMW cars with
the appropriate specialist knowledge.
All work must be completed using the latest BMW repair manuals, circuit diagrams, servicing manuals and work
instructions, in a rational order, using the prescribed tools (special tools) and observing current health and safety
To avoid unnecessary extra work and/or costs, if any installation or function problem occurs, after a
brief troubleshooting session (approx. 0.5 hours), please contact the following:
1. Either your national subsidiary or your regional office, or
2. The Support team via the Aftersales Assistance Portal (ASAP), using the optional technical parts
support application.
Specify the chassis number and the part number of the installed retrofit kit and give a precise
description of the problem.


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