Toyota Prius GEN 2 PASSENGER Extender Install Guide

Installation Guide: Thank you for purchasing extendmyseat brackets. Please follow the directions carefully and within
30 minutes you will be loving your new seats.

Inventory in Box:

2- extendmyseat brackets
4- black 3/8 x ¾’ stainless grade 8 bolts
1- M10 x 125 by 1.35” grade 8.8 bolt w/ washer

What you will need for assembly:

1- socket wrench
1- 9/16 socket & 1 11/16 SOCKET
1- Metric 13 socket (Prius uses metric bolts however a 9/16
1- 9/16 flat wrench
1- 3/32 allen wrench
1- protective eyewear
Step 1- Remove the 2 Black extendmyseat brackets from the
packaging and locate the 4 black 3/8” provided bolts.

Step 2- Go to your vehicle with a socket wrench, a 3.32 allen
wrench and a 9/16 socket, eye protection and your keys.
Remember to turn off your cabin lights.

Step 3- Locate the 4 factory bolts that hold your drivers seat
to the vehicle. Take your socket wrench and loosen the 4 factory
bolts. (2 in the front and 2 behind your seat, go to rear seat to
locate) Remove the 2 plastic guards to locate the 2 rear factory
bolts. Remove the 4 factory bolts and set them aside


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