Toyota Camry 92 – 95 Radio Install

StepWhat Section To Go To Remove old radio from dashRemove & Install Wire the new radioWire New Radio
Mount the new radioMount New Radio
Finishing the installationRemove & Install Parts REQUIRED for the installDescription
Snap on in dash wire harnessToyota 87 and newer harness
Kit Pocket below radio for Toyota radios which had an optional CD
player mounted below the original Toyota radio (read instructions first)

Small Battery: use a battery to test speaker wires. Touching the (+) positive
and (-) negative baterry leads to a pair of speaker will cause the speaker to
make a “Pop” sound indicating that pair of wires goes to that speaker.
Voltage Meter: Always check +12 Volt power wires for voltage before
making wire connections. These wires will fluctuate between 10 and 14 Volts.
Solder Iron or Crimp Tool: make wire to wire connections using either a
solder iron and electrical tape, OR plastic crimp terminals found at most
hardware or auto parts stores.


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