Toyota Lexus Carpeted Driver Floor Mat Inspection Installation

Toyota and Lexus Carpeted / All-Weather Floor Mat Inspection, Application and Installation Instructions. Floor Mat Inspection Instructions and Application Information
• Before placing a floor mat in a vehicle be familiar with the procedure outlined below.
o Identify the correct driver’s floor mat for the specific vehicle application.
o Correctly install the driver’s floor mat.
• Regularly verify the correct floor mat is securely installed in the appropriate model using the retaining
hooks (clips).

NOTE: Use the Application Information Chart provided or the Accessory Parts Catalog to verify mat-to-
vehicle application.

1. Make sure the AWFM is properly secured by the retaining hooks (clips). Confirm that the
retaining hooks (clips) are secured into the grommet holes in the vehicle’s floor (carpet).

Warning: Do not stack the floor mats in any vehicle. The retaining hooks
(clips) are designed to accommodate only one floor mat at a time.

2. Check the following pedal operation (fully depress the pedal) to assure the floor mat does
not interfere with it. Make sure the vehicle is turned off and in the “Park” position when
• Accelerator Pedal
• Brake Pedal
• Clutch Pedal (if equipped)

3. Verify the driver’s floor mat involved in SSC 70F & 7LB has been removed from your


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