Lexus Carpeted or All-Weather Floor Mat Inspection, Application

General Floor Mat Warnings
• Only install floor mats designed specifically for that model and model year. Check for correct model name and part number on the packaging label to confirm vehicle application.
o Never install a floor mat if you are uncertain of the model application.
o Never install the floor mat upside down or turned over for any reason.
o Only install the driver’s floor mat in the driver’s foot area.
• Always properly secure the driver’s floor mat using the retaining hooks (clips) supplied in the bag with the floor
mats (in the case of Lexus with the carpet floor mats). Follow the floor mat retention clip installation instruction
supplied with the clips. If the mat is properly secured and you have confirmed vehicle applicability, it will not
interfere with the accelerator pedal.
o Never install the front driver’s floor mat without all retaining hooks (clips) securing the mat firmly in place.
• The retaining hooks (clips) are designed to accommodate only one floor mat at a time.
o Do not install another floor mat(s) on top of an existing driver’s floor mat.
• After installation, always check the operation of the accelerator, brake and clutch (if applicable) pedals to assure
the floor mat does not interfere with them.
• Carefully read the warning tag attached to the driver’s floor mat regarding installation.


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