Fire up the grill, May is National Barbecue Month! Grilling definitely increases as the weather warms up
and, whether grilling for families, parties or yourself, a nationwide Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association
(HPBA) consumer survey revealed that the open flame burns out conventional cooking. The survey showed
that consumers love not only the taste of grilled food, but the convenience too.

“Grilling is an American pastime and National Barbecue Month is the perfect time for Americans to map
out their summer grilling game plan by determining what equipment is needed, the best recipes to try, and
what special grilling occasions with family and friends to mark on the calendar,” says Leslie Wheeler,
communications director at the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. “With all the great equipment
available to consumers right now, it’s no surprise that grilling has become such a popular way to prepare
quick and delicious meals.”

In our 24-7 society when convenience and simplicity is everything, grilling offers cooks no-mess-meals. In
fact, over two-thirds of Americans (70 percent) say that easy cleanup is one of the most pleasurable parts of
grilling food outdoors. Women were most vocal about the easy clean-up compared to men (77 percent to 62
percent, respectively) saying they find “a lot” of pleasure in having few or no pots or pans to clean after
cooking on the barbecue. Couple that with the majority of Americans (79 percent) who agree grilling is a
fast, healthy way to make a meal on weeknights and it’s no surprise that Americans love to grill.


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