Tutorial Full Text Databases

Getting Started

Always start by selecting the database(s) you want to search. Click Close Database Selection Area or
Open Database Selection Area, as appropriate.

To review the way records are displayed,
click Customize Display in the bottom taskbar
from any search screen.

Customize Display

Click the Customize Display button on the bottom taskbar to open a specification screen, which
has areas for making selections to define how you prefer records to be displayed. Click Save
Changes to implement this customization for the balance of your session. You can click Default
Settings to reset the display to the original system default settings, or change settings at any
time during your session.

Record Display Options
Record Sort Options
Select Fields to Include
Article Records, Biography Records, Fact Records, Book Records, and Art Museum Image
Gallery Records
Apply These Custom Settings To
All Displayed, Printed, Emailed, and Saved Records, Displayed Records only, Printed Records
only, Emailed Records only, or Saved Records only
To modify the display of records:
1. Select the label display, the number of results shown on each screen, and whether or not
you want to see a Brief or Full Display.
2. Select how you want records sorted: by date, relevance, or some other field from the
drop-down window. Select the sort order of the retrieved records.
3. Check the field options you would like to include in your results. Click to uncheck any
fields you prefer not to include.
4. Apply the desired fields to the Custom Settings area, as desired.
5. Click Save Changes in the bottom taskbar to confirm.
You can change these options at any time during the search session.


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