Razr2 V8 User Guide – Motorola

Your MOTORAZR2 V8 phone is sleeker, stronger, and smarter!
• Your phone can recite text messages, incoming caller ID information, and menu items (page21).
• Transfer your favorite music quickly with USB 2.0 high-speed technology, and easily with
Microsoft®Windows® Media Player 11 (see your STARTHERE guide).
• Snap pictures automatically with your 2-megapixel multi-shot camera (page35).
• Capture key moments in high-definition video, then upload to your blog (page38).
• Access any Web site with your phone’s full HTML browser (page34).
Did you know: Your phone helps you perform these tasks quickly and efficiently, thanks to a powerful 512MHz
processor that’s 10times faster than the original RAZR phone. A processor this fast in a phone this slim may cause
the phone to feel a bit warm at times when in use, especially when engaged in activities that take advantage of its
processing power, such as when listening to music, watching videos, or surfing the Web.

ORAZR2 V8 GSM wireless phone. Here’s a quick anatomy lesson.
Side Select Key
Camera Lens
External Display
Handsfree Speaker Micro-USB Port
Volume Keys Voice Comm


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