PIE NISS/NAV-EYE1 will convert the factory Navigation monitor into a backup/park-assist camera video monitor. The
NISS/NAV-EYE1 provides a dual video input. VIDEO-1 controlled by a parking brake sense wire and a manual switch for a
game system, DVD Player etc. VIDEO-2 controlled by the reverse 12V wire for a back-up park assist camera.
The NISS/NAV-EYE1 Navigation video interface connects to the factory Navigation Computer allowing you to benefit from:
1. Direct connection to the Nissan/Infiniti video system for optimum video quality
2. Provides two video inputs
3. Plug-n-play installation (navigation 20-pin harness included)
4. Package includes: NISS/NAV-EY1 converter, RGB cable, 12V power cable and operation/installation manual
Use the NISS/NAV-EYE1 in the following Nissan/Infiniti vehicles with external Navigation –ROM disc loader

2004-06 Armada 2003-06 FX
2005-06 Altima 2003-06 M45
2003-06 Murano 2003-06 QX56
2004-06 Pathfinder 2003-05 Q45
2004-06 Titan 2003-06 ALL models*
2003-06 All models*

*Navigation Unit or headunit. Compatible with two-piece navigation units only

Note: Not compatible with Nissan 350z or Infiniti M35 and G35


CAUTION: Before any connections are made, PIE strongly recommends that all circuits be verified with a
voltmeter before interfacing with them. Always set the parking brake before working on any vehicle. Do not
force connectors together as pin damage may occur. This installation will be flawless if you take your time
making the connection described below.

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal
2. Completely remove the factory navigation monitor
3. Locate the 24-pin connector behind the monitor
4. Disconnect the 24-pin from the monitor
5. Connect the 24-pin male plug of the NISS/AV-EYE1 into the monitor
6. Connect the 24-pin female connector to the factory harness
7. Find a location for the NISS/NAV-EYE1 converter box, cable length is 6’ long.
8. Reinstall the navigation monitor back into the dash console
9. Route the DB9-pin connector into the NISS/NAV-EYE1converter box
10. Connect the DB9-pin connector into the NISS/NAV-EYE1 converter box, make sure you hand-tighten
the locking screws.
11. Connect power and ground wires (Black/White is 12V ignition and BLK is Ground) of the NISS/NAV-
EYE1 converter box.

1. Make sure back-up camera is properly installed (installation not covered by these installations)
2. Connect the WHITE wire Ground and BLUE wire to reverse +12V signal
3. Connect the camera video output to “VIDEO 2” of the NISS/NAV-EYE1 converter
4. Set RGBS/RGSB switch to RGBS position.


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