Parrot UNIKA for Hyundai cars

Parrot UNIKA is a universal interface that allows you to control the Parrot MKi9000/MKi9100/ MKi9200 directly with the OEM steering wheel commands. Parrot UNIKA can work with car protocols such as CAN, KBUS or resistive systems.
Installation Compatibility
Car models
Hyundai Santa Fe: > 2006
Hyundai Sorento > 2006
For Parrot MKi9000 / MKi9100 / MKi9200
Parrot UNIKA : PI090020AA

Before installing the Unika, make sure you have the latest software update
on your Parrot MKi.
If you have a Parrot MKi9100, make sure you also have the 3.1 display
version. To do so, select Settings > Advanced settings > Information.

We recommend you to install the Parrot MKi before installing t
UNIKA. Make sure the installation is correctly performed by checking if t
«Good bye» message is displayed when you turn off the ignition.
? Refer to the documentation of your Parrot MKi for more information.
Installation of
the Parrot MKi
Selecting the
Use the DIP switches located on one side of the UNIKA to select t
protocol (resistive or CAN Bus / KBus) on which the vehicle is based.

Warning: Make sure the UNIKA is not powered before selecting the


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