GRIP Chevy Cobalt Body Kit Installation Manual

GRIP highly recommends that our kits be installed by professionals with experience installing automotive aftermarket parts and accessories. However, we do recognize that many customers will install their own kits. GRIP will not issue refunds for improper installation, resulting in poor alignment and fit of the kit. All kits are sold with necessary attaching hardware. Some fasteners already on
your vehicle may be reused, so care must be taken during removal.

PLEASE NOTE: All GRIP body kits need to be properly sanded and primed before
painting, even if the part arrives pre-primed. Failure to properly prepare parts before
painting can result in poor paint finish and adhesion. Please prefit parts before painting! Once a part has been painted or modified in any way it cannot be returned.
1: Look over vehicle before installing the body kit to make note of all attachment points
on existing fascia. Since GRIP uses all existing attachment points, it is very important not
to harm existing mounting holes and / or fasteners. Some fasteners that are drilled out
cannot be reused. It is very important to use special care when removing the reusable fasteners from the panels since they will not be provided by GRIP. GRIP only provides
non-reusable fasteners with its kits.
2: After you have located the attachment points on the vehicle, you may start the
disassembly process. To protect against the fascia falling on you or the ground, always
remove fasteners starting from the ground and working up.

NOTE : GRIP will not be liable for any damage incurred in the installation of the kit.
Any damage incurred will be the installer’s responsibility.


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