BMW3- & 5- Series Service and Repair Manual

The E30 3-Series range first became vailable in the UK in March 1983, and
ontinued in production until April 1991, when e revised E36 3-Series range (not covered
y this manual) was introduced. Convertible
nd Touring (Estate) models were introduced r 1988, and these models have continued in
30 form to date.
The E28 5-Series models were introduced October 1981, and were superseded in
une 1988 by the revised E34 5-Series range,ouring versions of which became available
om March 1992. Throughout this manual,28 models are also referred to as “old-
hape”, while E34 models are designated
The models covered by this manual are quipped with single overhead cam in-line
ur- and six-cylinder engines. Early 316 and
18 models are fitted with carburettors, but all
her models are fitted with fuel injection
ystems. Transmissions are a five-speed anual, or three- or four-speed automatic.
he transmission is mounted to the back of
e engine, and power is transmitted to the lly-independent rear axle through a two-
ece propeller shaft. The final drive unit is
olted solidly to a frame crossmember, and
ives the rear wheels through driveshafts

Models covered
3-Series (E30)
316 (83 to 88), 316i (88 to 91), 318i (83 to 91), 320i (87 to 91), 325i (87 to 91).
Also Touring and Convertible versions of these models
5-Series (E28)
518 (81 to 85), 518i (85 to 88), 525i (81 to 88), 528i (81 to 88), 535i (85 to 88), M535i (85 to 88)
5-Series (E34)
518i (90 to 91), 520i (88 to 91), 525i (88 to 91), 530i (88 to 91), 535i (88 to 91)
Engines covered
1596 cc, 1766 cc, 1795 cc, 1990 cc, 2494 cc, 2788 cc, 2986 cc & 3430 cc

Introduction Page 0•4
Safety First! Page 0•6
Anti-theft audio systemPage 0•7
Instrument panel language displayPage 0•7
Roadside Repairs
Jacking, towing and wheel changing Page 0•8
Jump starting Page 0•9
Identifying leaks Page 0•10
Routine Maintenance and ServicingPage 1•1
Lubricants and fluidsPage 1•3
Maintenance schedulePage 1•4
Weekly checksPage 1•7
Every 6000 milesPage 1•11
Every 12 000 milesPage 1•16
Every 24 000 milesPage 1•23
Every 60 000 milesPage 1•26

Engine and Associated Systems
In-car engine repair procedures Page 2A•1
General engine overhaul proceduresPage 2B•1
Cooling, heating and air conditioning systemsPage 3•1
Fuel and exhaust systems Page 4•1
Engine electrical systems Page 5•1
Engine management and emission control systemsPage 6•1
Manual transmissionPage 7A•1
Automatic transmission Page 7B•1
Clutch and driveline Page 8•1
Braking system Page 9•1
Suspension and steering systemsPage 10•1
Body Equipment
Bodywork and fittings Page 11•1
Body electrical systemsPage 12•1
Wiring Diagrams Page 12•10


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