Its been more than 40 years since the 2002 first arrived in the U.S. and launched the sports sedan concept. Now BMW brings the true essence
of driving enjoyment to a new level for todays enthu siasts. The 1 Series
Coupe: a dynamic four-seater with clean, sporty lines, a classic interior, and a joyful passion for performance. How do you like your fun?

lets you create your own 1 Series, with a choice of two powerful and
fuel-efficient six-cylinder engines; two 6-speed transmis sions; and dozens of ways to express your personality through distinctive paints,
upholsteries and optional features. No matter how you design it, your
BMW 1 Series per sonifies the ultimate driving experience.

The fastest route to a grin.
The 1 Series Coupe was created for pure driving exhilaration. Unleash the eager 230-hp inline six-cylinder engine in the
128i and feel the exhilaration of racing from 0 to 60 in 6.1 seconds.
1 In the 135i, a 300-hp twin-turbo inline six generates
300 lb-ft of torque to slingshot the Coupe past 60 mph in 5.1 seconds.
2 It takes tight corners with minimal roll, courtesy
of a special sport suspension. And its lean, muscular body, accentuated by its aerodynamic kit, improves handling.
A trunk lid spoiler, for example, helps keep the 135is 18″ wheels and run-flat performance tires3 glued to the road by
reducing lift in the rear at high speeds. All the while, fade-resistant, high-performance anti-lock brakes with six-piston
calipers in front and two-piston in rear help keep all this forward momentum in check. When you drive the 1 Series Coupe,
youre guaranteed to come away grinning.
Manual transmission; 6.7 seconds, STEPTRONIC automatic. BMW AG test results. BMW urges you to obey all posted speed laws and always wear safety belts.
Manual transmission; 5.2 seconds, STEPTRONIC automatic. BMW AG test results. BMW urges you to obey all posted speed laws and always wear safety belts.
Performance tires are not recommended for driving in snow and ice. Due to low-profile tires, please note: wheels, tires and suspension parts are more susceptible
to road hazard and consequential damages.

2010 BMW 1 Series Coupe
04 | 17 Exterior
18 | 25 Interior
26 | 27 BMW Ef? cientDynamics
28 | 29 Engine
30 | 31 Suspension and handling
32 | 35 Safety
36 | 37 BMW ConnectedDrive
38 | 41 Paints | Upholsteries | Interior trim
42 | 45 Selection examples
46 | 55 Standard | Optional equipment
56 Safety illustrations
57 | 61 Standard | Optional equipment ch
62 | 63 Technical data
64 | 65 BMW Services
66 BMW Accessories


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