THE BMW 1 SERIES CONVERTIBLE, palpable boost, standard suspension

High Precision Injection In this cutting-edge generation of petrol direct injection, the Piezo injectors are
positioned very close to the spark plugs.
They inject the fuel at high pressure and
with extreme precision. With the four-cylinder models, the injectors’ central positioning
means only part of the combustion chamber
needs to be ?lled with an ignitable petrol-air
mixture. The engine can then run “leanly” and
so ef?ciently, precisely in the heavily used
moderate load range.
Auto Start/Stop function BMW four-cylinder engines with 6-speed
manual transmission automatically shut down
when the vehicle is stationary, for example
at a red light or in a jam, when the driver
activates the clutch and switches to neutral.
The engine restarts as soon as the clutch is
activated again. This innovation signi?cantly
reduces fuel consumption especially in
city traf?c.
Brake Energy Regeneration
To supply a battery with electrical energy, the generator (alternator) is permanently
driven using engine power, which demands
additional fuel consumption. Brake Energy
Regeneration means the generator
usually only generates electricity when the
driver takes the foot off the accelerator or the
brake – previously unused kinetic energy is
transformed in coasting mode into electrical
energy before being fed into the battery. In this way, electricity is generated while
coasting, without consuming fuel.
Tyres with reduced rolling-resistance
While driving, tyres are constantly changing
shape. This uses up energy and thus fuel.
Tyres with reduced rolling-resistance have
an improved design and use special
materials for their road treads and side
walls, reducing deformation.
Electric Power Steering
Optimum Shift Indicator
Timely gear shifts are one of the most effective
and easiest ways to save fuel. This is where the
Optimum Shift Indicator, in conjunction with
the 6-speed manual transmission, comes in.
It shows the driver what gear to use in order
to drive more ef?ciently.
The pleasure you get from driving a BMW is the result of ?ne engineering – always setting the benchmark because it is based on much more than
engine power . This is the tradition behind BMW Ef?cientDynamics. It includes the visionary Hydrogen engine, already used in completely emission-
free BMW Hydrogen 7 vehicles and BMW ActiveHybrid technology, an intelligent, demand-oriented combination of internal combustion engine
and electric motor. Every BMW, in fact, already includes a multi-award-winning BMW Ef?cientDynamics technology package as standard, boosting
dynamics even further while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology
With this innovative new exhaust gas
turbocharging method, the energy in the
exhaust is recovered extremely efficiently
thanks to dual-stream flow to a TwinScroll
turbocharger (135i). In tandem with Valvetronic
fully variable valve control and High Precision
Injection, this leads to a significant reduction
in fuel consumption – coupled with a marked
increase in output.
BMW already offers 26 models with CO2
emissions of 140 g/km and signi?cantly less.
But that’s just for starters. We’re carrying on
our research with BMW Ef?cientDynamics –
in the quest to bring you more driving pleasure
and less emissions.


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