The BMW 1 Series 5-door Sports hatch manual Accessories

The BMW 1 Series. Nothing comes close to touching this masterpiece. Push the start button and you’re poised for a new driving experience. The
only car of its size to boast the combination of rear-wheel drive and a
longitudinally mounted engine, along with everything they stand for: superb agility and solid stability. And then there’s the power. The sheer
energy of a BMW engine, efficient and so smooth it purrs. You expected a
lot from the BMW 1 Series and that’s what you’ve got. But there’s more. This brochure shows a range of Genuine BMW Accessories for the BMW
1 Series that are every bit as well made and stylish. Add individuality to
your choice of car.

Mudflaps Locking wheel bolts – McGard Design
Locking wheel bolts
These bolts have a special inner toothing which
can only be undone with the special tool provided.
Sport exhaust system
Increases the powerful sound of your BMW 1
Series providing an even sportier sound. With
mirror finish stainless steel tail pipes.
* Not for diesel.
Tail Pipe in chrome
The distinctive look of this exhaust pipe cover
accentuates the dynamic lines of the BMW 1 Series.
The M Aerodynamic Package
Developed to enhance the sporting character and
appearance of your 1 Series. The package consists
of Bumper trims, front and rear and Side skirt trims,
left and right.
Carbon aerodynamic additions
For vehicles equipped with M-aerodynamic kit.
Dark line rear lamps
18″ M Double spoke styling 207
Front: 7″ x 17″
Rear: 7.5″ x 17″
18″ Star spoke composite styling 179
205/45 R18W front
225/40 R18W rear
18″ Star spoke styling 180
205/45 R18W front
225/40 R18W rear
18″ Double spoke styling 182
205/45 R18W front
225/40 R18W rear
17″ V spoke styling 14
205/50R17 89V
17″ Spider spoke styling 142
Front: 205/50R17 89W
Rear: 225/45R17 91W
16″ Spider spoke styling 140
205/55/R16 91V
Aerodynamic package.
Painted aerodynamic package consisting of front
apron, rear apron and roof spoiler.


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