Premium surround sound systems from Harman Kardonthe in the BMW 1, BMW 3 Series

HARMAN, the premium global audio and infotainment group, is pleased to announce that its Harman Kardon®
Premium sound systems now provide a fascinating all seat
surround sound experience in the new model year eleven BMW 1 and 3 Series. The company’s brilliant
Logic 7®
surround sound system of Harman Kardon® produces crystal-clear treble, a powerful bass and an
authentic three-dimensional sound experience. The acoustic experts from the Harman Automotive Division
have been working together with BMW since 1993.

During the early design phase, long before the prototype for a new vehicle model is available, the acoustic experts
from Harman Automotive began developing the new Harman Kardon system architecture using a virtual model to
determine the precise loudspeakers, amplifier and their precise placement inside each model variant.

Acoustic conditions in the two BMW 1 Series models (Coupé and Convertible) and the four BMW 3 Series models
(Sedan, Coupe, Convertible and Sports Wagon) couldn’t be more different. That’s why the speakers have not just
been placed in different positions, but also different speaker types have been used depending on the model and
body form.

Harman Kardon’s Logic7 technology is the basis for the three-dimensional sound experience providing acoustic
integrity and balanced performance. The output of the DSP multi-channel amplifier was tailored by the Harman
Acoustic Engineers using the new AuraVox®
equalizing system. After all, BMW sedans, sport wagons, coupes, and
convertibles have dramatically different acoustic conditions.


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