1. Air cylinders are shipped in the as moulded shape. For ease of installation, remove plastic cap from the barbed stem on endcylinder. Squeeze the air cylinder to exhaust as much air as
possible. Replace cap on stem to maintain flat shape.

2. Remove the lower shock mounting. Lower axle or raise the bo
of vehicle until the suspension is fully extended. For installing this product on the Mitsubishi Pajero it is necessary to remove
the coil spring from the suspension. Extreme care must be take
by removing the coil. The vehicle must be safely supported on
axle stands. Take care not to pull on the brake pipes. Undo the

the control arm mounting to allow the coil to be removed.
3. The larger spacer must be installed with the hole facing upwards as shown in Figure 1 to protect the
bellow from the protruding stud.
4. The air spring is inserted into the coil spring so that the air connection faces downwards. Cut the
tubing in half and push one end onto the barbed fitting. Use the small clamps supplied to hold the
tubing onto the barb fitting.

Caution: Leave sufficient airline slack to prevent any strain on fittings during axle motions.

To prevent airline from melting, keep it at least 300mm from exhaust system, engine and heat sources.

Caution: Avoid areas, which may cause failure of the air line. For example: battery, exhaust, engine and
moving parts such as steering, suspension and cables.
A. Select a location for the inflation valves in the rocker panel flange or
by hood release insuring that each
valve will be protected and

accessible with an air hose.

B. Determine and cut adequate length, not longer than 90” of airline to

reach from valve location to left

side air cylinder.


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