General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

Provide an aircraft with maximum usable maneuverability and
effectiveness in both the air-to-air and air-to-ground combat arenas
but within the constraints of minimizing the cost and complexity
– Superior maneuver performance and handling qualities at subsonic and
transonic speeds (0.6<1.6)
– Superior acceleration
– The carriage of a variety of the latest air-to-ground weapons and their
accurate delivery
– A subsonic-cruise lift-to-drag ratio sufficient to provide effective mission
radii with a variety of payloads
– High T/W ratio
– TOGW < 20,000lbs
– Operate at altitudes between 30 and 40 thousand feet

Leading Edge Extensions
– Provide controlled vortex lift
• Produces lift on the inboard portion of the wing and straightens the flow over the
outboard portion of the wing
– Strake geometry and its interface with the forebody and wing were
developed over many hours of wind tunnel testing of more than 50
– Net increase in lift at high angles of attack is over 25 percent
– Reduces buffet intensity
– Improves directional stability
– Increases trimmed lift-to-drag ratio
• Tail
– Chose single tail over twin
– Less buffeting from strake vortices at high alpha


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